Straight hairstyle with afro hair challenge


Basically this challenge is where you take a hairstyle that would require you to straighten your hair out to do and do it with Afro American hair without braiding you know Afro American braids just straight-up doing a white hairstyle with Afro American hair.

Like, like that classic hairstyle where you have to, um… I’ll show you.



I’d love to see but done in a YouTube video or pic because I just Wanna see that happen.

plus every hairstyle we have in America mostly always requires you to straighten your hair or the your braiding or whatever we don’t just do our hair naturally with it and I’d like to see that, you know?

And you have to keep it natural no matter what hair texture you have.

I mean you can do this challenge but this is really just for like afro hair, so if you want to do it you’d have to make your hair actual afro hair if you don’t have it.

If you have it you cannot change it in any way, just have to do it however you can do it without straightening or changing the texture of your hair at all.

If you just have curly hair, that is cool too!

But, I’ll save that for another challenge.

hairstyles like this are what you have to deal with. XD

Good luck! I just wanna do this because black people do so many hairstyles and I don’t know, it just feels like we don’t use our natural hair enough. like God gives us this hair but we always trying to change it or make it look different and maybe just maybe our hair wouldn’t have to be straight, you know?

Maybe we can just do this hairstyles without having to straighten them.

You can comb your hair but you cannot use the curling iron, a hot comb, anything that would change the texture of your hair in a sense to make it straight or a or if you’re like a I don’t know maybe b11 and you have another afro hair texture or afro hair texture and it’s like b6 you can’t change it to b6. I don’t really know the names of the afro hairstyles or the afro hair textures you know, the hair textures of black people but I’m just saying.

Just keep it natural.

if you are white or Asian this is a case where you can make your hair a certain afro texture and it’s possible but I don’t know cuz you’d have to actually change it and then make that look lolike black hair cuz you can’t just use any straight or curly hair texture.

You’d have to look up How to do it, look up the hair textures and then look up how to change your hair into that.

Regular curly white hair is not the point of this challenge and maybe next time I’ll make a different challenge where you have to use like curly white hair or whatever to make it cuz I do believe that look would really pretty on some straight hair hairstyles but other than that you would…pretty much, you have to, for now, do an Afro American hair texture or African hair texture.

Another thing about this is that you can’t just like pull your hair to make it straight cuz number one that would be a strain on your scalp, and number two, that’s not the point of the challenge and it actually defeats the purpose of this challenge so it makes no sense.

Q & A:


Can I use a wig?


Yeah pretty much. A wig is okay, the real point of this challenge is that you have to use the African American hair texture, different types of the African American hair texture or African hair texture, let’s put it this way: so, you do a hairstyle and this hairstyle requires you to straighten your hair out put it in a bunch of little twists and stuff, and there you have the hairstyle! But, instead of straightening your hair out, you have to leave it as it is and you just put it in the same twists and curls that you would without changing the texture with the curling iron or a hot comb, or just changing the texture at all.


Does that mean I can’t do the challenge?


The only way to do this challenge is you have to have the African American or African hair texture to do this challenge, you need that texture.

If you don’t have it, you have the right to change it to the African-American hair texture if you can do it. But, that’s it.

Only time you can pull your hair to straight?
Never. That’s why it’s a challenge. That’s too easy. (this challenge is too easy, that’s why I can’t do that.)

you see that little black girl with the afro puffs? You can’t straghten your roots like that to do your hair a certain way. So ha!!

Q: I don’t get it.

A: Your supposed to get a hairstyle like this:

And without pulling your hair to straghten it, using a hot comb, or any way you can straighten it, as a black person with the Afro-American hair curls (nappy or kinky hair) make the hairstyle.

Not every Afro-American has kinky or nappy hair, but it is all beautiful, so what?

Q: I don’t have kinky or nappy hair, but I’m black. Can I still do it?

A: Yeah, any hair texture a black person can have besides straight and none super super super super super super super super curly is allowed to be used in the challenge.

Q: what about bi-racial hair textures?

A: If the hair texture is predominantly or in pure African or African-Americans in the black race, you can use it.
You can also use it if it’s more on the kinky or nappy or very very very very very very curly side.

Q: What is an example, tho?

A: look at these guys:

any hair texture close to these are allowed, or linda like these types. Kinda.


My hair is actually kinda like that atm, expect it’s in a ponytail (I have a perm so I can’t wash it every day, but if I don’t maintain it then it gets like that :joy:)

My hair to an extent has always been straight without straightening it (A little frizzy at times tho)
Even after I started getting my hair perm (around 7 yrs oldish) Nothing really changed except my hair is a lot thicker and longer ( a ways past the back of my bra )


Afro-American hairstyles I don’t really like … But I saw various options for attractive hairstyles on this site . I even think to show them to parehmahera and choose the one that suits me.


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