Wondering if anyone has ever thought of writing a story backwards? I think it would be very different and difficult.

I actually thought of this. Some stories start with a point, then go back and start from the beginning to tell. I think it could be well done but it really depends on the story.

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Yeah agreed. At first I thought write the story then just tell/act it out backwards. Everyones pretty much forward thinkers and to think of previous things in a story would still require all the feelings and emotions which may be hard. Me since I’m new 3 years would go by and I’d announce OK, my first last episode written backwards is done…lol

It’d be confusing if the whole story was written in backwards. But if it was 5 episodes or something similar, I’d be okay with it. It’d be interesting to see.

Would a strange story be considered one where all the main character(s) die and you “lose”?

The hard part would be trying to include choices :thinking:

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I read one story that was kinda backwards? Like you knew the ending but the story was how she got there. It was interesting and I think it was good… except you knew the ending lol

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Is it weird that when I saw you typing I was expecting you to say “challenge accepted” and then start coming up with some 200+ endings story where the endings are beginnings?


ahh ideas nuuu what have you done XD


Sorry, I’m terrible :laughing: But also, do itttttt

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