Strange glitch/bug

So if you put this video on fullscreen and pay close attention to her face, you will notice her facial expression dosnt change but her facials (mouth,eyebrows, eyes and nose) are slowly moving up and down partially. I tried on multiple devices and they have same issue. Anyone without it? (please watch in hd to be able to notice)

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Strange! that doesn’t happen to me :thinking: hmm…wonder what the problem is, sis!

tbh, I was waiting for a jumpscare. that looks scary LOL.

Have you tried just hitting “reset story progress” on your phone? Try that, and also exit out of the app. If you’re on mobile previewer, I know glitches are more common for Limelight. I have a lot of them on mobile, and I find that to be a pretty quick fix.

are you playing on android? if so, that’s your problem. in February, they decreased the quality of episode limelight characters on android so episode stories would load faster. This also let to pixelation, which leads to the problem you a facing now.

This is not be for this thread but.
I have a problem with the “support author” option
I made the option support to be 5 diamonds but on the mobile app it shows 15 and in the browser shows nothing. My problem is with the app.
here is part of the script


I have a question for you.
choice (Support)
GEMS:5"Support the author" {
Thank you.
} “No thanks” {
Ok, no problem.
To be continued…
!There are <> on gems just to tell.

Any suggestions, please.

Yea its on android. Is there anything that could fix it? I get it why they would do that for older devices but this shouldnt be added for better phones

I dont really know episode coding so i dont know what to say to fix it. But try to make a new post and maybe someone will answer

Do you use ios? I just been told its an android only issue

Im not talking about the previewer im talking about reading any LL story made by episode team or community. I just found out its an android only issue

no, been dealing with this issue all year, we gotta wait until they wake their asses up and fix the android app