Strange Previewer Error

'Ello friends,

For some reason, as soon as I get to a certain spot as I’m clicking through the Web Previewer (there are no errors in story) I get this monster of an error-


If anyone could help me, I would be eternally indebted to you.

Thanks in advance.

The web previewer has been glitchy lately. I would check the story on the app first and if you’re still having issues, I’ll be happy to help.

I’ll make sure to check it later tonight and let you know the result, thanks!


I got that error and was able to fix it by clearing the cache on Google Chrome.

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Hm…I just tried that and I’m still getting the same error code (I’m also on Chrome)

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I don’t know. Mine is currently working. It just gets weird sometimes.

That happens sometimes with me when ive made a mistake in the story

I found an error and fixed it (placed the wrong character name in one place) but still got the same error message

If you want to submit a ticket to the support team they’d be happy to try to figure this out with you :v:t2:

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