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So am too lazy to code at the moment and decided to make this thread! I’m a huge fan of Stranger Things, my mom and I binge watched it right as the seasons came out! Loved season 3 but it left me with many questions and a broken heart.

1. What is your theory on how Jim Hopper might’ve survived or if he actually did die?
Jim Hopper is my favorite character, the show really wouldn’t be the same without him!

2. How do you feel about Billy’s death? Many people want to believe that he survived but it’s clear that he was killed by the Mind Flayer.
My mom actually asked me to download the chapter with this exact scene of him talking to Eleven so that she could rewatch it whenever. She said it was majestic and beautiful :sweat_smile::scream: We both fan-girled over him .

3. During season 3 I had an inkling that Will is gay, did you also notice this? There were a few hints.
I would love to see his personality grow and I wonder what kind of relationshiop will blossom for him.

4. How do you feel about Eleven’s and Mike’s relationship?
I loved their relationship in the first two seasons but the third wasn’t too great for me. I felt like Eleven was too badass for Mike. Mike isn’t one of my fave characters :sweat_smile:
5. Is there anything else you want to mention about the show?


Hi!! There u am Garima and I am new to episode forums

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Hey Garima and welcome to the forums! Hope you’re enjoying the forums so far! Are you a Stranger Things fan? :sunny:

Hi thanks for welcoming me …yes I am fan of strange things

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I loved the latest season. The cinematography and aesthetics are point. However, I think the storyline this time is lacking.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this season. I will always prefer the first two seasons, though. :smile:

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I had an argument with one of my classmates about Stranger Things. That guy said that Stranger Things is “teribble”. Of course, I politely disagreed with him. And the rest is history. :joy:

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Also agree that the first 2 seasons are the golden ones :sunny:

How dare he say that :joy: He’s probs a fan of only action packed movies with hardly any character. Nah jk :joy:

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I don’t know why. He hardly even watched the show, and he said it was ugly. :expressionless:

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How can a show be ugly? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I don’t even know :rofl:

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okay, so, if you watched the credits, at the very end, the russians briefly mentioned that there was an american being imprisoned by them. they called hopper the american. so, i think he’s in russia, & that’s why el must have lost her powers (most likely temporarily), so she couldn’t find him.

um… i sobbed. it was definitely the saddest death for me to watch & how he sacrificed himself for the kids. i genuinely think he had a good heart with a bad past.

honestly, more lgbtq+ representation would be great! i’ve already noticed that they’re good at making robyn a likable character, & they told us her sexuality at the end, so we could already see what an amazing person she was & not base off her being a lesbian. i noticed the hints for will, as well.

at first, mike was being an ass. but, i personally thought lucas was a huge influence on him, & NOT for the good. but when we all saw that he loved el, i understood how he wanted her to take it down a notch.

honestly, it was my favorite season they’ve ever made. all the deaths made me sad, though.

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Oooh okay! I didn’t catch that at the end, wow I’m happy that he’s alive but also sad he’s imprisoned, can’t wait for how he escapes haha.
I love how Steven had a crush on her at the end but she came out, very sweet though and I also loved her character development. Love her quirkyness.

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