Stranger Things RP ~Made Up Season 3~



In Hawkins Indiana 1983, There was Lucas, Dustin and Will, And there was Mike, But then Will got lost in the upside down! Oh no! But Will got back… from the Upside down… By the help of the girl named: Eleven… You can watch this on Netflix, Or you already watched it. So, a couple of you are new to Hawkins… you can sign up here:

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Regular Important Characters!

Eleven- @Coolepisodes
Mike- @UltimaW
Dustin- @Epi.Sympatics
Lucas- @Epi.Sympatics
Max- @ThatRandomPerson
Hopper- @Coolepisodes
Will’s Mom- ?
Max’s Brother- @C_ssie
Johnathan- ?
Nancy- @Ella
Elevens sister- @Epi.Sympatics
Steve- @Epi.Sympatics

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Also, we have a girl with powers like El, her name is Jessica. Her number is 018!

@Epi.Sympatics is @Luminous, Luminous is her old account
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Let’s start! Max and the boys are at the Pool! Begin!


I watched as the kids swam around in my pool. I took a huge gulp of my “lemonade” and opened a magazine. Taking my sunglasses, I put them on slowly. Thank goodness it’s summer.



“Do I have to do this? I searisly don’t wannna” as he stood on the ground next to the pool



I’d cannonball into the pool, my hair sticking to my face.

“ C’mon guys!! Or are you scared? “



“PFFT” jump’s into the pool making the water splash everywere “who’s scared now?”


She was wearing a swimsuit. Her eyes looking at the pool. At least the Mind Flayer is gone. She sighed, as she looked around her. She put her feet into the pool, as she jumped into the pool, water splashed. El giggled.



“You Okay El” he questioned


“Careful!” I shouted, crossing my arms. I sighed. Please don’t let any of them get hurt…



He’d sigh, stepping up to the edge and belly flopping in.

“ AW SHIT!! THAT HURT!! “ He yelled as he resurfaced.



She’d swim over to Lucas.

“ You okay, Stalker? “ He’d nod slowly, rubbing his stomach.


“Y-Yes.” She softly smiled. “It’s just… the upside down… I don’t think it’s still closed.” She sighed.




“Awww Luke You Gonna cry?” splashing him with water

Swims over to El “Think Posittive” Splashe’s El with water

“CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” swims to the opisite side of the pool


She giggles, she splashed water back at Mike. It was so fun.



She’d tilt her head menacingly. Slowly, she’d swim over to Mike.

“ OH SHIT!! YOU’RE DEAD NOW, MIKE! “ Lucas yells, laughing his ass off.

Max would jump on Mike, submerging them both underwater



He jumps into the pool too. He grabs a water balloon and throws it at Mike and the others.



Breathes under water and swim’s back up


“I TOOK ALL THE LOOT.” Dustin screams holding a lot of water balloons. He laughs so hard.



“IM NOT AN INFLATABLE YOU KNOW” cougth’s and takes a deep breathe



He’d duck away from one of Dustins water balloons, hopping out of the water and retaliating.