Strategy (ies) to writing characters

My strategy for writing my characters is to view it as if I’m acting. Get into my character’s mentality and figure out how I’d want them to be portrayed as if this is a live performance. Study their planned behaviors and language. Once I’ve achieved this, I can start writing.

How would you go about writing characters?


I do the same and ask myself what would they do, how would they talk, what clothes would they wear. Just a bunch of questions to create their personalities.

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I do the same. It’s like I can literally hear their voices in my head when I’m typing their dialogue. Even when they have an attitude… that attitude is heard in my mind. I thought I was crazy, but it helps to know that I’m not the only one. :joy::rofl:

I also have this thing where I know their personalities so well that I know what animations they’d never do… because that’s just not who they are.
For example: Mac [one of my Male characters] would never do the blush_shy animation. Because that’s just not him.


This is essentially what I do, but usually I keep it in my head instead of writing it out.


Sometimes I take online quizzes (like on buzzfeed or uquiz) pretending to be my character and then I can hyper-analyze them based on the results.


I’ve done that before.

Something weird I do is lowkey hyperfixate in my favorite character because yes. Anyone else ever do that?


I did that too. And the other important aspect of writing characters is to put personality that make each of them unique.
For example, lucas the writer, I remember each of his characters in his stories even though I didn’t try to remember them. I only read the story once, but I can even remember their names and personalities! They’re just unforgettable.


Tbh I just write whatever pops up in my head. I don’t think about what they would say. I just automatically know what they would do without thinking about it. It’s very weird but kinda cool.


To write a character, First to have to understand it.

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All are good

The ideas will just pop into my head :joy:


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