Street looping background

Hey guys I’m trying to loop the following background:

However, in order to do that I will need to upload it as an overlay and unfortunately I can’t convert the file into a png, so everytime I try and upload it I’m unable to do so as it is a jpeg.

I’ve tried to use both gimp and photopea but the background becomes very pixellated and it doesn’t look realistic.

Does someone have a way to loop backgrounds or create the file as a png?

in gim you can easily export it as png acrtually - I use gimp for this all the time.
But your background doesnt have the ends the same so you will see the conection of the begining and end - are you aweare of it?

Here you have it turned to png.

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Oh god, if the ends arent the same that’s a problem, thank you for the png though

How could I possibly make it the same? Through gimp? It’s very confusing tbh

the problem is the perspective of the pavement

if you put it next to each other it will look like this (dont mind the white line in the middle I set it in gimp to each other only roughly.)

That makes sense, it wouldn’t look very realistic. It’s such a shame as the episode looping backgrounds don’t work and I can’t seem to find another one so technically I’m stuck now

I’ve looked everywhere for backgrounds which include a normal street and some trees at the back but I’m not sure whether the same thing happens with the other ones too

you need one at night?

Yes, just a street background in looping where I can use rain and lightning as an overlay with my MC running in the middle of it

well if you will use the one above you still can zoom so the pavement will not be that much visible …I would sugest to erase in gimp the moon so it will not loop and show several moons…than it might work pretty well for what you need.

Just for looping are eather used 3 zone backgrounds (dara.amarie tutorial)
or 4 zoned (joseph evans tutorial)

You know what the problem is, as the background is taken from a creator on instagram i’m not sure if I could remove the moon because it would be classed as “editing her background” and I don’t think she’ll allow that

ask him then

I did, but since she has like 13k followers i’m not sure she’ll reply

But it’s okay, I’m not too sure about using it anymore since it’ll look very unrealistic.

Thank you so much for your help!

ok …btw which episode background you originaly wanted to use and didnt worked?

I didn’t really try it but I heard that the episode looping backgrounds are not working since a long time that’s why I didn’t bother

most of them do work some do not but you can the one not working still turn to overlay and make your own looping background.

I’ll try that, even though I dont exactly know how to make the overlay loop

I can help you just tell me which background you want to use.

also if you want to try it by your own here are 2 different tutorials:

I have one I like but its day and not night