Strip Club backgrounds and overlays

Hey guys! These backgrounds were requested by Nicole94 two or so weeks ago and I finally finished the interior of the club! If anyone wanted to use them, please do so. The only thing I changed from the request to these is the name of the club. I know not many stories have any need for strip clubs :joy: but in case you do, this is one I made. The first interior background is a dancefloor/bar area so you can just use that separately if you just want a club, not a gentleman’s club haha you can find the bar and dj booth overlays and individual interior 3 zone backgrounds on my google drive on the clubs/shops/restaurants folder. Both overlays are the exact size they are on the background when they’re saved so you don’t need to adjust size :slight_smile:

If you use these, please credit my ig episode.justine, not my forum name! x


Omg I would love to use these for my upcoming story they are great credit will be given!!!

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Thank you! Hope you found the individual backgrounds easily on my google drive x

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Wow, you did amazing job :open_mouth: Too bad, I can’t use it because my story is in classic style :roll_eyes::confused:

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Thank you! Can you not use ALL backgrounds for any style? x

I would, but the picture from the outside of the club has a picture of Ink. That’s my only problem ^^;

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It doesn’t really matter, no one’s gonna say anything. That’s alright if you don’t wanna use it :slight_smile: x

Hey, I just realised the name of the club on the tv and the outside backgrounds on my google drive are different to the ones I posted above, I’ve just changed it now so if you want to save the Exotica Lounge one instead of the Alejandro’s one, you can as the Alejandro’s one was for the user who requested :slight_smile: x

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Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll use it :slight_smile: