Struggling author

I’m having so much trouble creating a decent start to my story!! I know exactly the direction I want the plot to go in, but every time I create a scene it feels like I’m just jumping right off the cliff and not giving enough prologue. Does anyone have any suggestions??

I actually like when a story starts off right with some action and there is no prologue, even if I don’t understand at the beginning what is going on. Introductions are often so boring and long that I usually get uninterested before the actual story starts. I think it’s great if you don’t introduce all your characters one by one and don’t narrate the plot instead of showing it. Many authors think they have to give out the whole story in the first episode, but why would I want to continue reading if I already know what is going to happen? Of course it’s just my opinion, but I would jump right off the cliff, if I were you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m thinking I probably will go ahead with this type of storyline since it seems to be how I prefer it as well. Thank you so much for your feedback!! :grin:

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