Struggling for a title for my story


So I’m currently writing a story called unfolded with a scar. But I have writters block as the moment. (Got the plot all set out but trying to add in between parts to make it longer instead of just going into action all the way through)

So back to my point :joy:

Due to having writters block I’ve also started another story to get the creative juices flowing.

Without giving too much a way

A young college girl wants nothing more than to achive her dream of being a professional dancer. However things take a dramatic turn when a viscous attack leaves her in a wheel chair unable to walk or dance again.
She becomes angry at herself and finds it hard to trust anyone but with the help of a mute stranger can she come to terms with her disability?

I’m struggling to come up with a name for this. I was thinking broken dancer but it doesn’t sound right. Any ideas guys?



What about disabled dream or damaged dream? You don’t have to use them. That are just suggestions x


I wouldn’t think too much into it. Maybe broken dreams or something simple like a word.
You want the title to confuse the viewer. If it’s something like “broken.” Or “shattered” they’ll wonder what’s broken or shattered. They’ll read it to find out.


Thanks guys


Maybe something like ‘Damaged Goods’? I don’t know, I just thought of it then :sweat_smile:


I actually wanted to use that but unfortunately there is a story with that title already. And I had actually all ready read it :joy::joy: probably why I thought of the name


In regards to your writer’s block, have you tried making your ending(s) yet? I find that when working out the plot, if I write the end first, everything comes easier. I, myself, have trouble writing the middles. Action all the way through can be very good for a story too. The biggest thing in writing a book is always making the reader feel as though there is change with the end of each chapter. It makes them feel like they are progressing and keeps the reader’s attention.

Sorry for getting off track, lol. I just like to help others. :slight_smile:
Figuring out a title is pretty darn difficult for me, especially since I write books and usually do so when the story is actually finished. Lol. I will try to help the best I can though. :smiley:

What’s the female MC’s name?
You could trying Helping ____.
Coming to Terms
Reality’s Game
Perfectly Imperfect
Trusting ____ (love interest or helper)

It would help too figuring out what the main element of the plot is. Is it romance?

Sorry if these aren’t that great! Hope I helped even a tiny bit. :slight_smile:


Dancing with silence?