Struggling help PLEASE SOS


i am trying to make my own cover for my new story without using an episode character thing, and I was wondering if someone could help me?

I used this picture i found online (which i will give cred too because its AMAZING) and i was wondering if someone could color her hair for me? I literally cannot work photoshop, and i want her hair like a brown. I’ve done the background and the eyes myself.

if someone could help me, that would be G R E A T ive been working on this for hours. !

please no one try and take this :(( i feel like it would be great for my story and ive been working since like 10-11pm and now its 2:37 am lol…

In case anyone is wondering: my story is CC so i just figured this would be easier than making someone who wont even be the MC so… /:


^^ my photo that i want to use


So… just the hair?

What colour would you like the hair to be?


I’d love it to be brown, and maybe make her tan and her lips a pink. I’ve tried so many things and i cannot get it omg.


Sure! I’ll do it!!!


@Secretz_lol we did it, but if you want you can do it too


Oh ok!


@ryleighepisodes is this good?
remember to credit @Besties_On_Episode


it didn’t show up before


THATS PERFECT OMGGGG thank you :slight_smile: I’m totally new at photoshop so i apologies for all the white specks, but i appreciate it!!!


Thanks so much