Struggling to create dialogue

Hi, I decided to try and make a story but I’ve been struggling to do it properly. I have looked at lots of tutorials etc. on how to add dialogue but I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.
Here is a screen shot of what pops up when I try to do it:

If anyone could explain to me what i’m doing wrong it would mean a lot. Thank you.

Okay, thank you. I’ll give it a try.

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It worked great, thank you so much. Also, how did you get your profile pic? It’s really good.


Okay, thank you for everything!

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First of all you need a character, when you want to have a dialogue you’ll write like this:

CHAR (here you’ll insert what action you want to make)
Hi is me! <-- Here you insert the sentence you want the character to say.

Is pretty easy to understand it after a while :slight_smile:

Here’s an example where the character’s name is JEN:


Also you use @ when you want a character to do an action like a behave, face, walk or pan / pause in other words this is used for any commands.

For example: @CHAR walks to screen center OR @CHAR is insert here the animation you want your character to do


Oh and never leave @CHAR empty without any animations like you did here


And add before this line PAZZLE (talk_handraised_happy_loop) I’m talking about the picture under this sentence :


I hope I could help you understand

It’s awesome you got help, but maybe try to take a look at the guides, they explain a lot really good and if you don’t understand anything feel free to ask on the forums but the guides really cover a lot and all the directing commends are really specific, if you’ll try to guess it won’t work out well, but anyway
good luck with your first story!