Struggling with labels please help

I am able to get labels 1 - 3 to work,
however now when I do the fourth label for dressing game it keeps coming up with ’ the label “dressing_game_4” is never used.
Below is what I have in my script.

label dressing_game_4
@speechbubble is 162 368 to 90%
Text message from Felicity.
choice (TEXT_1)
“Open text from Felicity” {
Can’t wait to see you girl, what time will you be here?
@pause for 1
About to leave.
@pause for 1
sound phone_text
Let me know when you’re here.
@ARI stands screen center AND ARI is read_phone_neutral_loop AND ARI faces left
@pause for 1
@speechbubble reset
ARI (callout_neutral)
I’m ready mum!

Please help!

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well first your not using it at all… what are you using it for if you need the label and u use it u need goto

I suppose I don’t need it there. But I also have another one (it’s to long to post.)
But how do the gotos work?
And I don’t have the goto in any of my others previously but It works fine?

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goto are where u if u have a label and u. use goto it goes back to where the label was.

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so like if have a dressing game and it says do you want to change u add the label and then if you don’t want that outfit u add goto_label name

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Thank you, but how do I use them if there isn’t an option to go back? Like once you choose the option it goes ahead with it?


Thank you!

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So I did what she said, and I understand it now. But for some reason it is now saying that I don’t have a } to match {

When I do. How would I fix this?

can i see the script?

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This isn’t the one I am referring to but I’m having the same issue with this one.

CROWD4 (talk_neutral)
I am so hungry, do you want to go off campus for food?
label option1
ARI (think_rubchin)
(Should I leave school early?)
choice (Option_1)
“Yes” {
goto offcampus

label offcampus
ARI (talk_exhausted)
That is the best thing I have heard today.
@CROWD4 is laugh_chuckle
ARI (talk_neutral)
Let’s get out of here before someone sees us.
@CROWD4 is listen_nod_neutral_loop
@CROWD4 exits left AND ARI exits left

goto end_day
} “No” {
goto cafeteria
label cafeteria
ARI (talk_exhausted)
As much as I would like to.
@CROWD4 is listen_nod_neutral_loop
ARI (talk_neutral_loop)
I can’t risk the chance of being caught.
My mum would kill me.
Let’s just go to the cafeteria.
@ARI exits right AND CROWD4 exits right

goto end_day
label end_day

hmm let me ask apes @apes @Jade.epi

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You don’t need the goto and labels inside the choice, remove these and put “No”{ on a separate line-
scene here
scene here

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It worked! thank you so much!

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