Stuck between two stories

I’m stuck between these two stories and I need you feedbacks and ideas… :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Option 1: The Bittersweet Truth: Not All Endings Are Happy
This engrossing novel follows a high school student who encounters a fascinating boy with a certain charm. Their friendship deepens as they learn the truth about the boy’s insomnia, and the girl becomes his support system. Their friendship deepens as they face life’s trials and discover the mysteries of their hearts. However, disaster strikes when the boy disappears, leaving the girl broken. She discovers stunning facts about the boy she thought she knew as she explores deeper into the unknown.

Their shared experience serves as a catalyst for development, waking up their resilience and strength. The novel delves into the ties we make and how much we will go to defend those we love.

Option 2: Two Worlds apart
When the worlds of an ambitious young woman with a passion for education and wants to purse the career he of her late father, who was the founder of her high school. and a guy attempting to find his own path in his father’s business collide for the second time.


Good night, @sage.montague_writes

Option 1 gives an interesting story idea. I love the idea, and that could work for readers to enjoy. I love the struggles shown and the new journey that the Character is experiencing. I love your creative idea. I love your story idea. I love that the Character is facing life’s trials. The Character is discovering the mysteries of their hearts. Your story idea is Awesome plot twist for your story. The story idea is a beautiful storyline. @sage.montague_writes

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Def the first one. It’s intriguing


Okay thank you for the feedback :grinning:

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You’ve said more for option 1, I just think you should do that.

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Yeah I had plan to write option 2 but I wasn’t really feel it :grinning:

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