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Hey loves!

So I’m gonna help Y’all find the perfect story title or description! I’ve already helped heaps of threads out for story titles, names for characters, story descriptions and names for places!

Feel free to help others out in the comments if you have an idea! :grin::grin:

Thanks beautiful humans!
Miss_LK :blush::v::two_hearts:


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I need help with a character name and thanks for making this thread, I will probably use it a lot. My MC is called Natasha Wolff and her soon-to-be boyfriend is called Travis. I need a last name for Travis that will fit with Natasha Wolff, like at the end. For example:
Kim Kardashian-West
What name would fit with it? Thanks in advance, if someone can think of something :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe something like…Lee/Taylor/Adams/Jones/Thompson :slight_smile:




haines-smith? haines? smith? scott? stott? And thankyou so much for the feedback!!


Thanks for the names and no problem :blush:


I need help with a story title. Mine is basic and crappy, Do you mind helping me?


Send it through with the description and I’ll have a play with it :smile: :


Iris and Cormac are just married and now that they’ve finally tied the knot old and new enemies come out of the woodwork, who seem ready to do what it takes to ruin their lives.


Marriage impossible / untill death / whatever it takes / honeymoon mission / wedding crashers? Just a few ideas if they don’t fit I’ll send some more through tomorrow :smile:


I need help with story title and description. I would really appreciate it.


Need help with a story title, my stories about two siblings on the run, they are half bred (vampire-werewolf) they are on the run, as many are willingly killing there pack off (fantasy)


sure! pm me details! :heart::v:


running from death? the running game? kin can run? a vampires game? idk those i just thought up now but I’ll keep thinking and send some more through :sweat_smile:


thank you for the help, sorry for the late reply been doing my GCSEs


Haha it’s totally fine :ok_hand:


I don’t know if this thread is still running but if so, pls help me out :tired_face::

Super-powered girl learning to manage life; social life, best friend drama, sibling rivalry, family issues, and of course superhero-ing!


A hero’s duties, How to be a hero? What powers / abilities does she have??


Strength and flight. By the end she learns to handle her life strongly and fly through it all. I like A Hero’s Duties, thank you so much! :kissing_heart: