Stuck in adding choice to remember

Its been my first time to add coding in a story and got stuck even after tutorial. Ineed help with the coding where am I wrong?

Check out this guide:

Quote from guide:

  • Flag names cannot have spaces nor special characters. They can only be consisted of letters, numbers, and/or underscores.

So for example, gain Chose_No one would need to be fixed because it has a space. Something like gain Chose_No_one is better.

You can also just write:

choice (LOVE)


gain Chose_Boss

} “Bad Boy”{


gain Chose_Badboy

}“No one”{


gain Chose_No_one


So the choice doesn’t look awkward.

Of course instead of gains, you can use the choice name and option method.

Both ways can be used to remember your choice.

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Thank you so much, its a big help for me :blush: :blush:


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