Stuck on a name for my story!

My story is about a girl who dies in a car crash and when she wakes up in the afterlife, she’s told her life’s decisions could not 100% place her in hell or heaven, and her good and bad deeds ratio is split even. So she’s re-incarnated back into the world with the mission to prove herself as a good or bad person. The love interests are the devil and angel who help her throughout the story. It sounds super silly/a bit cringy when it’s all summarized like that but I hope you guys know what I’m going for.


back like i never left
back from the dead
second chance
split chances
lesser of two evils
(girls name) advocate
lol idk if you like those…

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Those are fantastic! Thank you!

np np

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finding my way

Here are a few short and sweet ones that I came up with (I personally don’t like super long titles)

  • Conflicted
  • The Crossroads
  • Uncertainty
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Good vs Evil
Up or Down

2 that came to mind.

Here are some I’ve thought of!

The Afterlife
Last Chance
Two Ways
My Misson

I don’t know if these are bad, but I tried. Good luck with your title :heartpulse: :two_hearts:

Hi, I don’t have any name suggestions, but could you let me know/tag me when your story is published? The plot sounds great and I’d love to read it


Life Doesn’t End
I’m Back
The Afterlife
Heaven or Hell
Demonic Angel

Torn up
Angels deserves to die
Where do we go
Unchain my heart
Pull me closer
Silent whispers
On my way
Hell or Heaven
Stuck in the middle
i’m sorry that’s all i have but if you don’t like none it ok i can think of new ones :slight_smile:

  • Between Sin and Virtue

Stay safe. :butterfly:

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Thank you so much everyone! These are great suggestions and I’ll be deciding soon.

@girlgame90 I’ll make sure to let you know, thank you so much for your interest!

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