Stuck on a Story Title!

Hey peeps,
I need some help in finding the right story title. I’ve got this cool idea for a new story but I can’t seem to come up with a good story title.

Here’s my description:
You get invited to stay at a royal castle for the week. What happens when your wildest dreams become your worst nightmare? (I think I should change it)

Plot for the story:
A royal princess (born Priscilla Anne Montgomery in 1933) died in 1961 at age 28 from falling off a balcony to her death. 58 years later, fast forward 2019, you get a newspaper and it reads that the princess’s ghost has been seen in the castle since her death. You get invited by a new royal couple for a party not aware that you will be staying there for a week. Deeper into the week, you become suspicious about the couple’s whereabouts.

You find out that the couple is a pair of a witch and a warlock that are the original parents of Priscilla and posed as a different couple so that they can live forever. Eventually, you defeat them and they disappear into thin air.



  • Lying Royals
  • Behind The Mask
  • Ashes In The End

Hello. Some Suggestions for the title of story are as follows : 1) Princess Priscilla’s Mystery, 2) Creepy Palace, 3) Living with Witches.

the phantom princess (lol i tried)

Evermore Castle - Evermore means forever
Sorrows and Spells

Ooo this sounds super cool :smile: Since you said you wanted to change your description, here’s an idea:

Decades ago, tragedy struck, and you’ve been invited to the very castle it occurred by a new royal couple… but something isn’t right. Can you find out what before it’s too late?

As for titles, all I can really think of is Falling. It’s simple, but it references the unfortunate fate of Priscilla, plus it could also maybe reference the fact that MC falls for her parents’ disguise and deceptions?

You don’t have to use any of this obviously, but hopefully it helped in some way! :heart:

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How about The Mystery of Montogomery Castle

O.M.G.! I so love that description. I think I’m gonna use that! I’m lost for words. I’m really excited now. Thank you so much! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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No problem! Good luck with your story :gift_heart:

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I absolutely love the story description, would definitely check out the story. Also could you help me with a story description with my story.

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Sure! Message me the details and I’ll try my best :slightly_smiling_face:

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