Stuck on minigame in episode story

okay so i got stuck while playing a minigame bc i played the standard option thinking that it would be better than the pannable one since i’ve had problems with that in the past. now i’m stuck bc it won’t let me click on the arrow. can someone suggest something? i don’t really wanna restart bc i’m so close to the end

story is mystery on hanging hill lane 2 (ep 17)

edit: i found a solution omg lmk if you guys need help!

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If it’s the episode I think it is, I thought I was stuck too but if you tap at the top right of the screen, somewhere around there it let’s you continue.

The problem is the desk overlay covers the buttons. It would be better if they used an invisible overlay as the tappable overlay that covers the top half of the desk and doesn’t cover the buttons at the bottom.

I know that happened to me reading it a few times and had to restart the story☹️ Definitely worth it though because the story is great

Yeah I stopped reading the story all together because of this.

actually i was talking about the episode where we went to go to aria’s room and searched for things. i got stuck bc it keeps clicking on the bed instead of arrows.

I got stuck in that room the friends went to or whatever, escape room or something

thanks for the tip but it didn’t work, the arrow isn’t tappable for some reason

was it the same episode or a different one?

Oh yeah, I got stuck on that one too the first time, I can’t remember how I got past it.
The one I was talking about is a few episodes past that one.

did you restart the story?

happy birthday btw!

Same exact thing happened to me.

Thanks and yes, the first time I had to restart the story.

Hi!! Can you please share the solution that you found for ep 17? I’m stuck there too and I don’t wanna restart it! Thank youuu xoxo

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Hi, could you tell me the solution you found for episode 17? I’m stuck on the mini game too and I really don’t want to restart, thank you!

ok so u take two of ur fingers, for example: ur right hand… put a finger on the red arrow and hold it. With ur left hand, take a finger and start to tap quickly on the green check mark :white_check_mark:. While u r tapping with ur left, u take ur right hand that is still on the red arrow button and slowly slide it down to the end of ur phone screen (home button area) while still having ur left hand still tapping on the :white_check_mark: Then after that it should ask u if u wanna exit it or not. I hope I explained it well!