Stuck on my story *help! *need ideas

Hi! I’m stuck on my story :frowning:

My m/c goes back in time and gets shot, but I want her to heal really fast, like the wound is gone in an hour or so.
I need the reason for her fast healing be linked to her time travelling but I havent quite got it.

Any ideas? xx

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They’ve gone back in time. Maybe her body is still synced with the future so if her body takes damage it will speed up to how it was when she left?

Explanation to make it more clear:
She was shot in the arm while she is in the past. The version of herself that is in the future (present day she left) is uninjured. Her body still believes she is in that timeline, so it replicates how it is in present time, in the past.

Does that make sense? Idk

Oml that is perfect!
That was exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t put it into words.

tysm xx

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Happy to help!

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