Stuck on story. Please help?


i Was writing the longest paragraph ever and then it hit me on what to do. So I’m just going to make a poll on my story. I have an overlay already in review, which may take a couple of days. I’m almost done with the first chapter, and I still have to do the 2nd and third. Would anyone wanna ready my story? It’s a lot of comedy, mixed with romance and a pinch of drama! :wink:


Hello, my name is Stephanie and I’m the author of “Facing My Demons”. I’d like to read your story! I’m also just writing mine so it’s been complicated as I barely know how to position characters. Lol! But if you read mine in return and gave me a feedback on how I could improve I would really appreciate it! I’ll read yours right now!! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, Im LunqrWolf. Im working on a story called “Hidden In Us”. If you post your story or give me a link I will gladly read it! :slight_smile:


Ok I’ll send the link. The main issue I’m having is I’m having trouble starting the conversation between her and her friend. They haven’t seen eachother in a while, they see eachother maybe every 2 months or so, because they don’t live near eachother, but I don’t want thins to be awkward between them, like it is portrayed in the story. Can you help me try to fix this? I’ll send the link now btw.


Ok this is the link
I love DONT READ! Check it out! #episode


Ok, I’ll read yours and give feedback.


Thank you!! Dont read chapter 7 as I made a mistake and released it without the chapter being finished.


What’s the name of your story by the way??


Give me your story tittle because that link is sending me to the app store and it’s no taking me directly to the story


That link doesn’t work for some reason, what’s the name of your story?
We don’t have to negotiate for a R4R, I’d gladly read it :slight_smile:


Thank you! It seems to be an issue with it, it’s not showing up when I put in the title, so I’ll file a request ticket and hopefully they’ll fix the issue. Thanks everyone though for the support!


Would you mind giving me the name of your story :D?


It doesn’t show up in the search bar. But if you search up my username, click on it you should see my story. Only read the first chapter, the other 2 are blank I don’t want you to waste any passes.


The title is Playing Pregnant, but it doesn’t show up.


I found the story but it is not complited therefore we aren’t able to read anything. Just the note from the author. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Oh ok thank you. I’ll fix the problem.


Let me know when it’s fixed.