Stuck with a choice inside an if choice


Sooo, I had this gain/if/else choice which fragmented the chapter in two alternate stories. All is good with that.
Now I’m trying to add a choice inside one of the stories and I get two errors:

**1. The label MOVIE_BRANCH does not exist. **
2. You cannot have a label inside if/then statements…

Now what I want is that tiny mini-choice option and a short dialogue after. I looked on other topics over here, but nothing seems to work. Help a sister in need! :grin:

I added the screenshot with the code.


is this the whole choice? delete the bracket on line 409


Hi @ AndreaWrites! Can we have more of what comes before the script in your screenshot? Because based on this code alone…“American Horror Story”, “FRIENDS” and “Shameless” all lead to the same outcome (i.e. We’re good, start playing!), right? In which case, you don’t need the goto/label MOVIE_BRANCH commands.


If I delete that bracket, it says that the } else { bracket doesn’t have a match…


Sure. So I have the two GAIN options, gain go_to_work which leads to Story 1 (that I haven’t code yet) and gain stay_with_friends, which leads to } else {, where I started to code normally.

Inside } else {, I need to have that Choose a TV show option and I thought the label would be a good idea, but apparently not.

This is the if/else code:

And this is right before the watch tv show:


Does the choice of TV show have any impact on the story? If it doesn’t, then there’s no need for the goto MOVIE_BRANCH and label MOVIE_BRANCH. Just comment them out or delete them and you should be good to go.


you can’t use labels inside the choice or in if/else. If you still need this fixing PM me your script :slight_smile:


I deleted the label thing, but now the story just stops there, I can’t get past the choice dialogue line :no_mouth: But at least I got no errors left :joy:


Hey, I managed to remove the labels, but now I’m stuck with the choices and can’t move on with the story. And to think today started as a good writing day :joy:


What do you mean by “stuck with the choices”? Where exactly does it stop? After selecting “American Horror Story”, “FRIENDS” or “Shameless”, it should lead right into “We’re good, start playing!”.


Yeah, but it stops right after the dialogue. Let’s say I choose “Shameless”. It stops after the dialogue line with “it has the drama and the laughs” and then it goes blank with the “To be continued” automatically put there by Episode (I guess).


Yes, that means the portal has detected that nothing follows and the chapter is done. But that’s strange. Based on your screenshots, you shouldn’t have any trouble going right into “We’re good, start playing!”. If you don’t mind sending me your script via PM, I can look into it further. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s wrong at this point.