Student-Teacher Romances

I honestly find this problematic in a way. I want to ask an honest question. Would you walk up and start flirting with your male teacher or let him touch you. Cause I don’t know if you know this, but that is seen as statutory rape in the eyes of the law. There’s one story called Pregnant By My Student that’s like number one in ‘romance’ where a student tries to coerce the teacher (you) into having sex with him or his dad will pull funding for the university and before that the student before she knew he was her student tried to rape her in a bar. Then the author has the character do a 360 with the character and has the student who he touched against her will help him try to catch dad cheating on his mom or something.

Another example in My Teacher, My Gangster is that she’s so in love with him even after he breaks into her house like a crazy person.


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I think this is definitely an important thing to talk about! I personally don’t like stories which promote statutory rape in this way and think that it doesn’t really have a place on a platform like Episode - especially because it is aimed at young girls!


I completely agree that this is a huge problem. It’s a completely illegal theme, but writers glorify this scenario of statutory-rape and make it seem like a huge love story. It’s so wrong. There are a lot of teenage girls who read Episode and they can be very impressionable. Even though I’m someone who thinks Episode should allow a little more wiggle-room in the content guidelines, this is something I cannot stand, and these stories of teacher-student romances have to go.


I will admit that I enjoy teacher/student stories where the student is an older student in university (so like…21+ at least, and the professor is on the younger side, like in their 30’s. Thanks Hollywood U, this is all your fault…) but high schooler/teacher relationships seriously bother me.

There’s a difference between two adults in a consenting relationship with an age gap, and a predatory adult who knowingly enters an illegal relationship with a teenager.
I know it’s a fantasy thing and all, but the reality is that older people in positions of power DO groom children and teens and it’s actually one topic that young people are woefully under educated about, and chances are they won’t recognize the signs.

We need to teach teens that while it’s okay and normal for THEM to have these fantasies, it’s not okay for adults to have them, and that any adults who make those kinds of advances are messed up and are trying to take advantage of them.

These stories actually do the opposite; they make it seem normal, even exciting and desirable, when in reality teachers who do that kind of thing are sexual predators.


I agree that these stories are quite problematic in general and show a really bad example for teenagers, but I must say ‘Pregnant By My Student’ is actually the only entertaining pregnancy story I have ever read on Episode. It is well written and funny, and takes place in college, not in high school. I know it is still about a student-teacher relationship, but they are adults at least. You play the story as the teacher and it is not you who start flirting with any of the students. You even got fired after sleeping with your student, so I don’t see how it is promoting these kind of relationships. I also don’t remember when the guy tried to “rape” anyone.
I’m not the author’s lawyer or something, but I think it’s just not fair to state incorrect things about any stories. I don’t know what’s the case in ‘My Teacher, My Gangster’, I haven’t read it.


The story Pregnant By My Student is also problematic because the blond haired kid forces himself on the teacher in the office and then threatens to have his dad pull funding for the university. I’m not sure the blond headed kid is the love interest, but he does try to rape her in the bar. She also wrote a story that encouraged women to forgive their rapist and not to mention all the theme of stockholm syndrome and not to mention the girl falling in love with her rapists and her being friends with someone who kidnapped her and castrated her friend. The castrated friend proceeds beg her to keep her baby after she’s raped by the person who killed both of her parents because his dad killed his mom. I honestly haven’t got that far in Pregnant By My Student, but the author, Noob Loop is obviously has some issues like in her story Game Mafia I’m like 60% sure that the video game guy pulls a gun on her and the first thought is that he’s cute.


Rape has a much broader definition than holding someone down and forcibly entering them.
Threatening someone into having sexual relations with you also falls under the umbrella of rape, as does pressuring someone into sex until they feel like they have no choice.
The student in that story is definitely a sexual predator, no question😕

You are correct in that it’s not statutory rape, considering the ages of the characters, though.


I do think for teacher student stories the younger person in the relationship has to be over 18, (Like High School Student w/ Teacher) and if not have the story taken down. (Consent relationship or even non consent relationship)

However, for college or junior college or university it’s most likely ageist rules in real life doesn’t mean a story can’t have that type of romance. I will never ever read or support or like teacher / student stories because I find this disturbing personally and will never come to terms with teacher / student relationships being okay. But do i think the stories should be taken down? No… :confused:

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I’m concerned about this it’s just the high school one’s that bother me. It’s nasty, the same type of nasty that you hear on the news about a male teacher in his forties having an inappropriate relationship with a fourteen year old girl. The girl might be sixteen or seventeen, but that’s still statutory rape.

Yup. Even if they’re 18 or 19, it may be technically legal, but it’s still an adult trying to have sex with a teen. And to be honest, I have a problem with any student/teacher romance story no matter how legal and not weird the age difference is if the teacher is the one who makes the advances first. They’re the ones with the power in that scenario.

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I read that episode a long time ago so I might be wrong, but all I remember is that the guy wanted to get laid and presented it in a douchebag way. It’s not nice but quite realistic if a young girl decides to drink alone in a bar late at night.
@gabriella I can’t say anything about the other story you mentioned because I don’t know it, but since it doesn’t seem to have teacher-student theme, I think you just offtopiced your own topic.

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It’s literally called My Teacher, My Gangster. I’m just trying to outline that teacher-student relationships are nasty and the girl who wrote Pregnant By My Student has made it clear that she has some sick obsession with forced sex.

I meant the Stockholm Syndrome story from the same author. It sounds awful but has nothing to do with the topic.

It really is awful to be honest, sorry if I was hostile

It’s okay, I don’t think you were hostile, we just have a different opinion.

I think it’s also important to establish the motives of the two people involved and the reason that they end up together. Did either of them intend to start a relationship like this? Was there any sort of coercion involved? Did someone take advantage of someone else?

I definitely agree with @Caitoriri that I can enjoy stories with a young professor and a student at a university. The age gap is not so significant and you definitely have a completely different relationship with your professors at university than you do at school. I mean, I’ve grabbed a drink with one of my tutors before while we discussed my dissertation. They don’t treat you like a child anymore, they expect a lot more from you and you don’t spend as much time with them as you do with a teacher at school, since university promotes independent study.

I’ve also noticed that stories about university students don’t often focus on two people who wanted to be together from the start. It is much more understandable if you form an unlikely bond with a professor or teacher that flourishes into something that neither of you were expecting.

But to be honest its just a story. It’s not real just animated characters and people who have come up with that story in their head.

I think you are underestimating the impact that stories can have on people - I mean, we have propaganda for a reason! Stories do influence us!

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not trying to be rude but that is the one of the stupidest things i have ever heard. so because it’s a story, we’re allowed to promote hateful, illegal, inappropriate, problematic crimes? if an author publishes a book about that it’s not suddenly okay because, “oh they made it up in their head, and you’re allowed to make up illegal crimes in your head”. i know you’re probably not understanding this but i advise you to educate yourself because that’s a really impulsive opinion.