Student X Teacher Romances


I was on episode ten minutes ago and browsing the trending section, I saw these few stories that stood out to me “Attracted to my Teacher” and “Pregnant by my Teacher”. I may be thirteen and all but I am smart for my age and this seems very wrong to me!
First of all, the MC is a 16-17 year old attracted by a 24-40 year old adult who is older and wiser than them, most teenagers are naive and easy to take advantage of. I have personally never really read those kind of stories fully so I don’t know WHAT the MC’s parent(s) think about them having a grown man/woman as their girlfriend/boyfriend when they’re a MINOR. But one thing I am sure of is that sometimes the predator can manipulate their prey by turning them against their parents or such. But if the MC’s parent(s) LET them date an adult then…uchh I just don’t know anymore.
Second of all, making the MC hook up with the adult is not cool, ITS STATUTORY RAPE. This is disgusting and I don’t know why people like it. The story by Noob Loop where the TEACHER sleeps with their student and gets pregnant by them was just sick. It’s sad that the student teacher romances are popular when there are unique romance stories out there with better storyline and character.
Okay, little rant about Noob Loop but does she has some sort of rape fetish or something because she makes a lot of story about women getting raped and then going back to the man who raped her. I remember her dreadful story “Sore Loser” got deleted a while back but HOW IS SHE STILL UP ON EPISODE?! Remember how fast episode tried to take down Amelia Rose? Why didn’t they try to do that to Noob Loop?
Please leave feedback on what you guys think…


I agree! I believe the guidelines say to not promote rape but making the character go back with their rapist is IMO promoting rape.


It’s horrible.

I’m more concerned how some writers write stories like this, focused on a topic of a terrible standpoint.
How do people who write stories about the Statutory Rape and feel okay about it?
Let alone feel okay about pedophilia. (16-17 x 24-40)


Are you speaking about the actual show or the Episode story?


It’s pretty closely tied to PLL.

As for the show relationship, after Alison’s disappearance, all of them were just kind of… insane. Alison was the glue holding them back. Their conscience.


My friends and I love PLL but it pissed us all off when Aria decide to hook up with a 24 year old man when she’s only 17 even when she found out he was her teacher.


I honestly hate stories with student and teacher romances. It sad to say, but a lot of those stories are in the trending section! I think it’s disgusting how any author can be okay with making stories like that, and even more upset that people are reading it! There are kids that are under 13 on episode who could be mislead to thinking it’s okay to have a romantic relationship with your teacher, which is NOT okay. I will never read these stories because I will never be comfortable with having my teacher as my love interest.




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