I’m usually looking for backgrounds, and I’m almost always picky when it comes to them… I figure the best way to find backgrounds I need is to learn how to make them, so I’m asking for tips! Best desktop/laptop apps to use? Maybe an easy to understand tutorial?

I use photoshop cs6, I am on free trial.

You can always download Gimp for free, you get enough tools to photoshop there. And you can find tutorials pretty much everywhere depending on what you wanna do. I use Adobe photoshop and Illustrator. Sometimes I vectorize images, or cut elements from different images I find on Google to put them together the way I want. It’s a bit time consuming, it could take you many hours to make one background if you’re not familiar with the software you’re using, or editing in general. What I recommend you doing if photoshopping the backgrounds Episode give you, many people do that.

Hey! I make backgrounds and I figured I can helo people by making tutorials showing different apps on how to make bgs or overlays. So if you’d like then chsck my IG out @starx.bgs and if you’re looking forward to read my tutorials then here’s the link Tutorials by star