Stuff that gives me Migraines



I’ve been using the episode app for what seems like a year now. I really have come to like some of the stories and a few Author’s writing styles, but lately so many people seem to be writing about the same stuff.
I know. We all love a good story about a ‘boy from the wrong side of town who finds love with a simple yet sarcastic girl and together they fall in love against all social, economic, and plausible reasons to stay in a relationship.’ Seriously, some of the crap in these ‘bad boy’ stories make me either cringe like I was at a Middle school dance or full on kamehameha my phone into the next dimension.



But yeah, I feel like people are actually writing creative and non-cliche stories, but the amount of stories that make people want to kamehameha their phones into the next dimension are burying the gems we are all searching desperately for.


Yes, that’s a majority because that’s what people personally feel like writing about, people write about what interests them, if they wrote about something they didn’t like then the story wouldn’t last long. There are other options. This app helps people express themselves and I don’t think anybody writes “crap”, they write about something they care about. Also, if it’s crap, why are you reading it?


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