Stupid Question about characters dying

Hey guys! So I have a kind of stupid question: What happens when you make a choice in the story that makes either you or one of the characters die?
For example, In dirty little secrets or Envy 2, there are option that make your character die. So do you have to start the WHOLE story over?

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Depends on the author and story. In my story if your choices lead to a character dying, so be it , you can’t undo that. I know most authors just take you back to the beginning of the episode.


oh ok thanks.

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Just like @May.I.Write - it depends on the story.
I think the MC can die in all my stories lol but that usually happens in the final chapter so you don’t have to start again. You get your ending, then you can read a bonus episode with all the endings.
In one of my stories, there are other characters who can also die, and one can die before the final episode. You don’t have to restart the story as it’s branched based on what happened :slight_smile:

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okay thank you! i would love to read your stories as well :relaxed: