“Stupid” questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here 2!

Which line of coding are you having the issue with? And can you explain with more detail on what isn’t working?

All that’s below music_keysclunk … I’m trying to make a scene where she’s pushed against the wall but he keeps facing the forwards then going back to facing backwards… it’s like it doesn’t run smoothly

it’s like that on a lot of my scenes and maybe it’s just something I never figured out but it’s really confusing me

Use “does it while” instead of “is” when you have a character walking while doing an animation. The “is” is what makes them pause and face forward for a split second

@CHARACTER walks to spot —— and CHARACTER does it while animation

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YES OML I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU… I do believe I owe you my life :kissing_heart:

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i just added a three panel background and i dont know how to move from one zone to another such that the background seems moved

You’d use a pan to get from one zone to another. Can read more here: 🌙 HOW TO: Use Pans 🌙

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thank you so much

Can someone help me do an intro? Like I want the grenade to be thrown from the bottom right corner and land mid screen… but idk how to do it smoothly, it keeps making a ^ type shape SOS

Ok here´s what happening to me and FR IDK what happened or how to get it to work:

I’m writing each scene (individually) in a blank episode, and then I paste it to the actual episode. I preview the scenes in this blank episode while I’m writing them (I preview them in my phone and/or computer).
Everything was fine, but then it glitched and its messy! Even when I preview it on my phone!

What I see in the blank episode (I left the codes just in case)

What I see in the actual episode (left the codes again so you can see its the same)

You were most likely zoomed in on the previous scene, so just add “@zoom reset” at the beginning of this scene

Thx, I’ll try and let you know!

Yess that did the trick! Thank you!


hi guys. does anyone know how to put 2 choice buttons side-by-side rather than one on top and thebother at the bottom?

its something like Dana Violet’s story Assassins of Blackwood in chapter 15 where she gives us a choice to push Demitr’s buttons or to get straight to the point

choice [layout]

Putting [layout] next to the word choice will put the choices in two columns rather than one under the other (default)


If i’ve let my readers choose their hairstyles and lip colors in the previous chapter, will it go back to the default hair and lip color in the next episode?

Nope! It will stay whatever the reader picked. It may not show up properly when you are viewing the story, but it will work for the readers.

Oh thank god. Is it the same with outfits? Because the chapters i’m currently working on which will mostly be about a halloween party, so everyone’s wearing costumes, would be an absolute nightmare to change all of them back and forth between outfits

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Yes! Characters will not change between chapters unless you put commands in (@character changes into x) Good luck with your story!

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the help!

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how do you transition fade in with the characters already standing there