“Stupid” questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here 2!

I’m not sure but i think you should create multiple overlays and add them in your script.
Like a full screen phone and a long overlay with the ‘‘posts’’ your character is scrolling…
or something like that i don’t know.

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That’s what I was thinking I had to do… I was just hoping it wasn’t :joy: It’s an idea for a cyber-stalking story and I was going to make a computer overlay and have the screen bouncing between the 4 stalk-ees information as an outro.

Hi there i have a new question…
If i want to try out how a certain scene in my script looks (but the reader should have an amount of points with a character for that scen to happen) do i have to edit the points by myselft in the ‘‘story modifiers’’ and then edit them back… or what???

(sorry for my english hahah)

i don’t know if you have any other options hahahahah

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How do you pan to a zone and already have a character standing in the zone that you just panned to?

You place the character(s) in the zone first using & and then pan. So for example:

&CHAR1 spot 1.280 270 0 in zone 3 AND CHAR1 faces left
&CHAR2 stands screen left in zone 3 AND CHAR2 faces right
&CHAR3 spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3 at layer 6 AND CHAR3 faces left
&CHAR4 spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 2 AND CHAR4 faces left AND CHAR4 is idle
&CHAR4 spot 1.280 50 0 in zone 2 at layer 7 AND CHAR4 faces right AND CHAR4 is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@pan to zone 3 in 2

#*You can add a layer to the character as well as an animation - make sure the animation exists- (and direction like right or left as seen above). You can place background characters in all available zones of your story and have them do multiple animations combining & and then/THEN

HOW TO: Stage Direction


idk if this is stupid or not but, when i script that one of my characters say something with a talking animation it continue to do that animation while the other character talk. is there a way to make them stop talking while the other one is?

⭐ TIP: Having A Smoother Scene ⭐

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Thank you so much!

how do u make a character walk to a certain spot while doing an animation


lol i tried doing this… tell me if I’m doing wrong

@AJAY walks to spot 0.398 192 403 in zone 2 while walk_neutral_rear
@AJAY walks to spot 0.398 192 403 in zone 2 while doing walk_neutral_rear

AND AJAY does it while walk_neutral_rear

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So I tried to make the “camera” follow my character to a specific spot in a different zone, but when I did that, the warning “too many values to unpack” popped up and of course it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be.
Can we do that? Make the camera follow our spot specific characters to a different zone?

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I usually do it like this!

&pan to zone # in s
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in zone # in s


It worked!
Thank you so much!
I guess the @follow command does not work for this condition. But I loved the alternate, the result turned out to be exactly the way i wanted it. Thanks a lot again!

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Has your problem been solved yet?
I’m not sure why this isn’t working because usually it should cross out the whole sentence. Have you tried checking if you’ve spelt it correctly?

I did spell it correctly. Apparently, the strike through doesn’t work properly if you don’t add it at the beginning of the dialogue.

wait, you didn’t add it at the start of the dialog? yeah that’s probably the problem, if you want the whole dialog to use that effect you’re supposed to use it at the beginning of the sentence. :blob_hearts:


I’m trying to add a falling into the pool scene in my story. Does anyone know what animations are best for this? Story is in limelight.

fall, run_fall maybe react_scream_horror (you can use it when her/his spot changing like … walks to spot X Y in T AND … is react_scream_horror)

how do I make things start at the same time i want smeone to talk and then at the same time someone else to react