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This is not needed. You would just make the character do the animation then use the “then” command to do the other animation. There’s absolutely no need for a duplicate character

&CHAR is animation THEN CHAR is animation2


How to animate a ball overlay to be rolling? i used rotate commandthen shift it, nut i dont have idea how it works, btw im new to coding

hi, you can try to use & instead of @ for your overlay. the & sign makes the action happens at the same time as another action do.

U can do it by spot directing
Maybe try that with the animation.

How can i make a character run out of the screen?

Instead of walk_neutral_offset_loop, feel free to choose another walking or running animation that exists and you can either exit left or right, and change the amount of seconds it takes to run offscreen (you’d also replace YOU with your character’s name)

This is using the basic commands, you can also use spot directing:

Spot Direction | Dara Amarie (dara-amarie.com)

BUMP :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Hello, i was just wondering how to code changing hair styles TIA

Also: HOW TO: Use the previews and unpreviews directing command 💜 🌙

Thank you for your help!

Out of curiosity, for my authors out there. When writing does anyone else get distracted and then out of no where just do something else when instead you’re supposed to be coding, writing, or dealing with overlays? Lol, like I’ll have a movie or show on as a background noise but I guess I’d like to know, how do you get back on track? Sorry if this is too vague or doesn’t make sense! :upside_down_face:

Hi I have a question about character points.
I know how to add/subtract points in order to have the points affect the character-
But like can you make a range of points?

Like if a character could gain 20 points but the reader only gains 10.
So if the character has 0-10 points there will be a different ending
Vs. if the characters has 10-20 points.
And to make matters even more complicated:
If the character could also lose 20 points and potentially choose only to lose 10.
So the character could have -10 to 0 points as a third potential ending
And -20 to -10 points as a fourth potential ending.

So completely this would look like:
1 ending: (10-20 points)
2 ending (0-10 points)
3 ending (-10 to 0 points)
4 ending (-20 to -10 points)

I know this is very complicated, but is this possible? And could you pls show me an example if it possible? Please get back to me soon!

Also is it possible to have an if/else statement inside another if/else statement?


I listen to energetic music and/or music that relates to the story I’m writing.
But yes distraction is an annoying adversary to an author’s world

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Ugh yes I’ve thought about this too and it’s super helpful actually, thank you and welcome to the community btw! :clap:t4:

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Of course you, just have to play with branches and make use of combined conditions with AND, such as:

}elif(CHAR>0 AND CHAR<10){
}elif(CHAR>-10 AND CHAR<0){



Yes you can!

hey guys.
how can you make a overlay to face the other way?
i have two overlays one is facing left and i want the other one to face right. can you help me?

Thank you so much!