“Stupid” questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here 2!

I listen to energetic music and/or music that relates to the story I’m writing.
But yes distraction is an annoying adversary to an author’s world

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Ugh yes I’ve thought about this too and it’s super helpful actually, thank you and welcome to the community btw! :clap:t4:

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Of course you, just have to play with branches and make use of combined conditions with AND, such as:

}elif(CHAR>0 AND CHAR<10){
}elif(CHAR>-10 AND CHAR<0){



Yes you can!

hey guys.
how can you make a overlay to face the other way?
i have two overlays one is facing left and i want the other one to face right. can you help me?

Thank you so much!

How long should an episode chapter last (as an average)?

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A good length is between 10-15 minutes long.

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I’ve came across an issue while coding this scene…

Basically both of my characters perform actions at the same time.

So my character needs to face right to walk to the position

But whenever it gets to the peck animation hailey is facing right and I cannot find a way to make her face left right after walking without bugs happening and i need her to face alex (which is also facing left)

But left and right is switched whenever the character is rear

What i want is for her to walk to the position facing right and after she’s done walking she faces left (which is the rear animation) AND does the animation while alex is also doing the animation at the same time

Sorry if I jumbled it all together but I can’t find another way to explain it :sweat_smile:

It is when a character gives his hand to hold and the other character puts her hand on to hers. Tried the holdwaist animation but the hand is too close to their waist and its not the one im looking for.

So if anyone knows this off hand would be great because sorting through a million animations is tedious :grimacing:

Looking for the name of the one where the character reacts to a loud noice.

I will love you if you help :laughing::blush:

What do you mean by react? Like what does it look like?

I actually found it. It’s react_startled_surprised

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I need help with coding.
While I was writting a choice an error popped out saing ,On line 195 there is a { that does not have a matchin }". The problem is, that it does have a matching } and I don’t konw what to do.

It was working just a second ago, but now it doesn’t and I am so confused and lost right now :cold_sweat:

In such a case you’d need to send a screenshot of your script.

But you can simply add another bracket below and see if it works
Then follow the collapsed section and see where the first bracket is located.

Like this :point_down:

} <—problen

} <—solution

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Thank you! :purple_heart:
I actually fixed it by an accident yesterday, but I’ll use your metod next time this happens.
The actual problem was that I wrote go to label instead of goto label. The script tool showed me the wron error for some reason :confused:

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When you get the “matching bracket” error but you checked and all brackets are for sure there, then that means there is an error somewhere inside of those brackets that the script is unable to locate. Just an FYI in case you run into this type of error again in the future.


Thank you very much! :grin:
BTW I love your templates and your website

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