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Joseph Evans is a lifesaver tbh

idont know where to ask this question but im trying to credit someone during my story but i dont know how to get that message that comes from the top of the screen

readerMessage Insert text with messageTitle insert title

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I checked it again and I went back through and corrected it. It worked, thank you

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Yes it’s alright if you’re using copyright free plays! Shakespeare is public domain so you can incorporate his plays in your story :blush:

Quick question, can I publish a murder mystery on Episode, and if yes, which category does it belong to?

Mystery :slight_smile:

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Hey anyone who sees this, it’s my first time making a story on episode and need help with directing and coding can someone help me.

hey guys anyone knows how to correct my script i’m new in episode
when it show (you can’t have one charactar immediately following another ) how can i Correct the mistakes

Do you have a capitalised word in your dialog?

this is my script can you help me ?

@VALERIA spot 0.863 118 154 in zone 2 AND VALERIA faces right
@MR WILSON spot 0.863 228 151 in zone 2
Hi valeria
Hello mr wilson how are you ?
I’m good thank you
Whic room i should clean today
( I shold clean it fast before my brother wakes up )
Today you’re worken in last floor apartmen number 17 clean it good becuse i have a new clinet that rent it
@VALERIA is listen_nod_happy_loop
Oh and Valeria !!
Plaese finsh Quickly befor the apartment owner come back
Why ?
Nothing its better not be with him in the apartment alone you know he is singel and womenzi
I’m scared that he play you for some cash and take what he want from you mhmm you understand me right ??

This is what I mean, the portal thinks it is a character as it is capitlised.

Also I would recommend getting a proofreader since there are a lot of spelling mistakes.

okay thanks


I need some help.

So, I would like my outfit choices to affect the next part after the scene ends.

For example,

she chooses her outfit in her room.
After a choice is made, she leaves her room, it fades out and the character is ready to move on to the next scene.

if the character wears something comfortable, she will now go to a specific spot and interact with two characters that are wearing comfortable clothes and she can relate to.

if she wears something sexy, she will now go to yet another place and interact with a character that will be mean to her for being a try-hard and two different characters from the other choice will stand up for her.

Here is my script

label dressing_game

    FIRSTNAME (talk_think_neutral)
What do I want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT_1)
“Something sexy” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_sexy
FIRSTNAME (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
I will make everyone turn their heads for me. I’ll be the talk of the school.

“Something to fit in” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_fitin
FIRSTNAME (talk_excited_happy)
This is perfect! I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.

“Something comfortable” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_comfortable
FIRSTNAME (flirt_liftchin_receive_shy)
This is comfortable and will not make me stand out.


@FIRSTNAME walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for a beat

    FIRSTNAME (think_rubchin)
(Shall I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    FIRSTNAME (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
(This is perfect!)

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game

FIRSTNAME (callout_neutral)
I’m coming mom!
@FIRSTNAME exits left

You will have to use a if/elif/else to dictate where she goes. So when the scene with the two different branches start, you will want to code it like:

if (OUTFIT_1 is “Something sexy”) {
#sexy scene
} else {
#comfy scene

When will I need to put it? After she leaves the room? Or after the closet game?

For example, she leaves to go with her mom, they have a little chat and she goes to the scene in which she interacts with characters depending on the clothes she wears?

You’ll put it when the affected scene begins. So have her pick her outfit, chat with her mom, and then the if/else code.

Thank you! I’ll try it now, can I reply to this again if I have another question?

Sure thing!

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