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I know this is not a code question, but can anyone see my pfp? 'Cause I only can see whether nothing or just: image
I tried reloading several times, but nothing happened…

Does someone else had this problem before too?

it’s not loading for me either. Weird-

Maybe you can try reuploading your pfp?

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I tried like three times, I even replaced it with other images, but none of them worked (except the one I used previously)

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I have no idea why it’s happening… :confused:
Maybe you can make a thread asking if anyone else has faced this glitch in #site-feedback

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Idk, what I did, but it’s there now, thank you anyway

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I don’t know if you’ve fixed it, but I’m able to see it now if that helps :sweat_smile:

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Alright, thanks :joy: But meanwhile I know why it wasn’t working

Yes it is working now it was devil in disguise

It got canceled

This is my first story and i’m really struggling, when i use the director demands my characters disappear or don’t do the actions. Please can anyone help?

Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on my story hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please leave any suggestions on my fan-mail thanks!

@transition fade in
@ATHENA is head_bob
Dude this place is hella nice so im actually pretty excited to show you this camping spot.

@EDEN is disappointed
It better be i could’ve been binge watching teen wolf.

    ATHENA (eyeroll)
I'm paying for this place you can at least appreciate god.

    EDEN (eat_pizza)
Just leave me alone and let me eat my pizza in peace.


    EDEN (eat_pizza)

    ATHENA (take_item_grateful)
I just wanna see
    ATHENA (eat_pizza)

    EDEN (cry_sob_loop)
Nooo my pizza.

    EDEN (arms_crossed_angry)
First you kidnap me and now you take my pizza.

@EDEN faces right

Before directing the character to do animations, you need to place them on the screen. You can either use spot directing or code it like:
@ATHENA stands position
In place of position you can write “screen left” Or “screen right” or “screen center” etc.

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THANK YOU! i got it i was struggling for so long thank you so much :>

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You know, in some episodes we see kabedon scenes, where the male mc pulls the female MC really fast and kabedon her. (If you don’t know what kabedon means search in Google for example. I really don’t know how to describe kabedon) I just want to know to do that pulling really fast. I know it doesn’t make sense but please can someone try to help me???