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This is the whole part of the “exit”

DANIELLA (talk_greet)

See you guys later

&DANIELLA walks to spot 0.827 162 222 in zone 2 in 4

&SELENA walks to spot 0.759 1 226 in zone 3 in 4

&KIKI walks to spot 0.803 8 232 in zone 3 in 4

@remove DANIELLA

@remove KIKI

@remove SELENA

I tried using the “&” instead of the @, but they just disappear immediately without walking

Make Kiki’s @.

To explain:
& makes different commands happen simulatenously - at the same time. Everything following will happen at the same time until there is a @. Kiki’s is the last thing you want to happen at the same time, before removing the characters.

Personally, I’d say &DANIELLA walks to spot 0.827 162 222 in zone 2 in 4 THEN remove DANIELLA, but it doesn’t make a massive difference.

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Oh my god that worked! Thanks a lot for the help! I’m new to this, and i really want this story to be good, so i really appreciate the help!

Glad to help. :blush:

Hi! So I’m new and in a pickle with character customization! I want the readers to be able to customize most things about my characters but there are a couple things I would like to keep the same. How do I limit the customization?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:


I would first check here ^^ to see if Dara already has a template for it, if not you can request for a customized template on her thread:

for pizza overlay I got this from pixbay that are free and legal images but they do have a pizza slice in props
fir the background I don’t think episode has one try looking on pixbay I did find this tho


is there a way to allow the reader to choose weather they want sounds/music on/off?
I’ve had the idea of doing if/else but is there an easier way?

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no problem you may need to alter the sizes tho

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I’d use the if/else. I’m not sure if you set the volume to 0 at the beginning it will be silent the entire episode. I’m not really familiar with sounds and music.

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I’ve tried unfortunately episode takes it as an error so the only way I know is to do this

Do you want sound on or off?

“Sound on” {
@sound +1
goto start
“Sound off” {
goto start

label start

if (sound =1) {
Insert scene with sound
else {
Insert scene without sound

Note: using points rather than gains means the reader can choose to have sound on/off for each episode by adding/taking away

@JemU776 hey, I have another question from LoveYourSelf. She has a point in her story where the main character changes their looks but she doesn’t want to mess up the customization that the readers have in place. She doesn’t want the main character to look drastically different than the sister in the story. Do you think you can help her with that?

Yes, sorry for the late response :joy: She can message me on Insta :nerd_face:

If you’re having the character change their looks, you can use the previews/unpreviews command within an episode to allow certain features to change if the reader changes them (and then it would revert back to the original). Thread here: HOW TO: Use the previews and unpreviews directing command 💜 🌙

If you can also create a duplicate character (they both share the same display name), then make the duplicate become a look-a-like of the original character.

Duplicate character command here:

Changing into features: HOW TO: Customize Characters

Templates that will be of interest:

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Thank you for replying! Don’t worry about being late! I will let her know what you told me. I’ll tell her to contact you as well.

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You could use if/elif/else or the points system, but using gains is much more easier and effective.

Do you want to hear sounds and music?
“Yes, I do!”{
goto start_story
}“No, I don’t”{
gain no_music
label start_story

In scenes where you need music:

if (no_music){
#insert scene with no music
} else {
#insert scene with music

Hope this helped :upside_down_face:

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thank you :slight_smile: wish episode would make it easier so you can just turn the volume on or off without making duplicate scenes :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can do that too! :yay:

if (no_music){
volume music 0 0
volume sound 0 0
} else {
volume music 100 0
volume sound 100 0
#Code your scene(s) here!

Mini-tutorial on adjusting the volume:

volume music X S

X: This is the volume, 100 is the maximum (the default) and 0 is silent.

S: This is the time in which the sound will go to the volume specified earlier in the command. This is in milliseconds, so keep in mind 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

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awesome :slight_smile: so you can actually just turn the volume down, I thought it was only for one sound/music lol :stuck_out_tongue: thank you :slight_smile:

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how do I make a character run slower? not slower from one spot to another, but I’ve seen in some stories characters that look like they’re running almost in slow motion. does anyone know how to do that?

@CHARACTER walks to screen center in S and CHARACTER does it while animation_run