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@YOU stands screen left and YOU faces right and BOY stands screen center and BOY faces right and OFFICER stands screen right and OFFICER faces left

So how'd you kids get in this mess, huh?
And who was driving?

“Stand Up For Yourself” {
Well, he was driving and I screamed and made him swerve.
Yeah, her scream was unexpected so I lost control.
} “Save [BOY]” {
I was driving and I saw a deer in the road, so I swerved into the trees to avoid hitting the deer.
[BOY] had nothing to do with it.

[YOU], you don't have to protect me. I was driving the car sir.

}“Stay Quiet” {
@BOY faces left
@BOY faces right
I…I don’t know what to say, officer.
She scared me a bit and I lost control and swerved into the trees.
I didn’t mean for it to happen.

how do i hug?

It’s just an example:

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is hug AND CHARACTER moves to layer -1 AND CHARACTER2 stands screen right AND CHARACTER2 faces right AND CHARACTER2 is hug_rear AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1

If you want your character to be closer to each other you have to use spot directing
Click HERE to know how to do it

tysm this really helped

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does anyone have a crowd cheering in on the sidelines of a football game template?

Why don’t you try to make it this on your own? :slight_smile:
Here’s how to use spot directing:


How should I fix this?


Put the character walking and the pan on separate lines.

&YOU walks to spot 1.269 130 -8 in zone 2
@pan to zone 2

Also Episode Assemble has some various spot templates.

It still says too many values


I forgot to also add the word spot you were missing.

&YOU walks to spot 1.269 130 -8 in zone 2
@pan to zone 2

tysm it worked!:heart::blush::grin:

I am re-posting my question here hoping an answer:

Sometimes some of the music (working when i preview it on my laptop) don’t work when I preview it on my phone … Do you think it will work when i am going to publish my story or not ? :confused:

Make sure the volume is up high enough. Some sounds are quieter then others and therefore the volume must be turned up higher.

My background isnt showing up!! And I’m pretty sure I wrote everything right!

Do you have an error? Try exiting and entering the episode.

Thank you for your answer but i don’t think it’s a question of higher or lower volume.
Some time they are going to play and some other time, no…
So, i am worried a lot <_< it’s randomly playing …

It’s basically just supposed to be going back and forth between

&MIA stands screen center AND MIA faces left


&MOM stands screen center AND MOM faces right in zone 3

And the scenes for INT.BEDROOM 3 aren’t showing up there it just shows the dialog in INT.BATHROOM

And there’s no error!


You have an error here
&MOM stands screen center AND MOM faces right in zone 3

It should be:
@cut to zone 3
&MOM stands screen center in zone 3 AND MOM faces right

Omg! Thank you!! My script helper thingy wasn’t notifying me of that!

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