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Your script:
@Maxine_Aaron spot 1.334 50 0 (he’s standing on screen, he should be offscreen)
@JADE enters from left to screen center AND JADE is walk_offset
#@Maxine_Aaron walks to spot 1.340 50 0 in 4 AND @Maxine_Aaron faces left AND @Maxine_Aaron does it while walk_neutral (you only use @ on the beginning, delete the rest, also he’s walking backwards)
@Maxine_Aaron enters from left to screen left AND LOGAN is walk_neutral (you used default command that’s why he’s in default size)

My changes:
@Maxine_Aaron spot 1.334 -88 12 (he is offscreen now)
@JADE enters from left to screen center AND JADE is walk_offset
@Maxine_Aaron walks to spot 1.334 53 12 in 4 AND LOGAN does it while walk_neutral (he walks to spot on screen)

You can’t time the actions but you can use
@pause for S

@pause for 5

scene will pause for 5 seconds

Can you make something a premium choice (many they have to pay diamonds for it) when you are a beginning writer or is that episode’s job? If I can, how would I do it?

You can make a Golden Choice but not an actual Gem Choice. It’s only an Episode thing, although some authors are testing it in their User Stories now.

Ok. Also, how do you make players remember their choices in the next episodes?

thank you so much <3

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How would you make a choice gold?

< PREMIUM>“Option 1”{


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get whatever someone customizes their character to in the first episode to be the same in the second episode .

Are you reseting the story progress? That might be why @MRENEE

What is the clapping animation in Ink called?

If I want someone to walk to somewhere and their back still be showing, and then as the fade transition starts their back is still to the screen (meaning they don’t turn around until the end of the screen), is there a way I can write that into the script.

Use rear animation if you want your character to stand at the start of the scene with their back to the camera, also walk rear animation for walking

If you give me an example of your scene, I can help you make it :slight_smile:

Hey, so for some reason one of my characters isn’t facing left:

@CHAR spot 1.280 78 3 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND CHAR faces left
@CHAR is kiss_playful_rear

What do I do??

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Have you tried writing everything in one line?

You don’t have anywhere in the script that the character faces right after it?

I don’t know, I go through the first episode then exit. I then go to the second episode and preview that. The character doesn’t stay the same as what I chose in the first episode. Is there a different way to do that?

Test it on the phone.