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@RudeInception I love your overlays, Girl!
They are awesome :hearts:


Love the love :blue_heart::blue_heart:

how do I make an overlay invisible at the beginning of a scene and appear after someone narrarates?

oh, and what are the different colors that you can change the choice bubble to? I know that one is premium=gold

For overlay showing in the middle of the scene use create command

For choice you can use GREEN which is a darker color and LOCKED it has a padlock

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how would i write my code is i wanted to change one of the choices to green?
My choice is
Do you want to eavesdrop?

Yes (i want this green)


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Do you want to eavesdrop?

< GREEN >“Yes”{



just remove spaces in <>

thank you!

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does anyone have a spot directing template for different beds

My girl, @Apes has made a couple of cheats for the community:


thank ya for the bazillionth time xo



How do I get a character to move, without changing their animation?

Can you tell me an example what you’re trying to do?

A character does fingersnap and I want them to keep the final emotion thing while they back away on screen.

You can focus zoom on another part of the screen then zoom back on your character, or use a twin and make him do the action in another part of the screen and then switch them.

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If you have any problems let me know x :slight_smile:

Yes, you can :slight_smile: