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It sometimes can take week or two but if you’re waiting more than 2 weeks contact with episode team.

And it’s an automatic email we all get it :joy:

Okay thanks & I didn’t know …

Can you show me an example?

You can PM me your overlay and explain what are you trying to do so I can make an example for you. :wink:

Hey, im new too writing code… i need help with directing my character

she is center screen faceing rear towards the house right now … i need her too walk from where she is art on the side walk too the house and get smaller the closer she gets too the house … does that make sense?

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You will want to use spot directing. If you start and end with a different sized scale, the character will shrink or grow over time as they walk to the new spot.

@RudeInception’s spot walking guide should help you. Click here for the guide.

thank you!

If you have further questions after reading the guide, be sure to ask me on the thread.

@KODI spot 0.900 160 100 in zone 2

this is the direction im trying too get her too walk.
do i just continue too add more spot direction be low it too have her continue too get smaller and closer too the door ?

No, just walk spot walk her there.

Let’s say she’s:

@CHAR spot 1.280 155 5 in zone 2

Then just spot walk her:

@CHAR walks to spot 0.900 160 100 in zone 2 AND CHAR does it while walk_rear

She will gradually get smaller as she walks to the spot

thank you !!!

hi I’m extremely new to all of this and I’m soooo confused as to how you give the customize character option as well as writing it period lol but mostly how do you use overlays for example I want to put main characters in a car together and it never comes out right! sorry just totally overwhelmed… any tips would be life saving lol as I don’t want to have to use cell phone(or is it better) sorry that’s it thanks in advance!

Woah! Lotta questions there loll. Let me give you a link to a post that lists simple guides on this forum. Read through it and if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, I’ll be happy to help.

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thank you… I know I just figured out you can do it on computer as I have done first 2 episodes on cell and didn’t quite look like I wanted lol now I’m ecstatic to attempt to make it better lol!

Take your time! And ask if you have any questions :heart:

Thank you :hugs:

If a character is walking from screen left to back left how do I do that? I mean, I wrote:

@AGATHA walks to back left in zone 3 AND AGATHA faces left AND AGATHA is walk_rear THEN AGATHA is rear AND AGATHA faces left

But when Agatha arrives at back left she does the animation idle instead of rear. And a few seconds later she does the animation rear. Do you know how to fix this so that the idle move disappears?

Use does it while instead of is

AND AGATHA does it while walk_rear

It worked now! Thanks for your help!

what is the difference between ink and limelight? and I have an issue I was getting ready to publish my first 3 episodes but as I was previewing it I noticed that 2 scenes out of the first and second episode disappeared as well as the whole 3rdd episode! what could have I done wrong? was it maybe because I started on mobile app or maybe I did something wrong script writing… any tips would be great I’m thinking of just starting from fresh if so would it be better to use mobile app or computer? thanks again sorry for all the ?s just freaking out!!!

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