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hey , do you know what to do to get the option do add to the favorites?


One way is to just click on the story, then click the bookmark.

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once again another stupid ? where can u find different backgrounds that’s not in the art catalog? like for example I would love to have a rio trip in my story but I want to make new background so its perfect sorta? and lastly whats the easiest way to get accustomed to the script codes etc thanks again!:grinning::sunglasses:

lastly is shooting a weapon an overlay or is it a regular command?

Since Ink and Limelight as just different art styles, the animation codes for them are different. They also have different clothing.

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You can look in google and find some pictures :slight_smile: if you need edited episode background have a look here

Here are some helpful coding links

The shooting animation is a part of behaviour you need to add a prop to have a gun

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so far ive went with ink style and I like it, its just there are certain animations I have seen that I cant find if that makes sense and I cant find certain background so take it that all depends on ll and ink. can u have custom backgrounds if so how

ok thanks! ill figure it out eventually I’m just use to mobile app which had none of this stuff lol… thank u again

I moved on of my characters to layer 1 but another character is still in front of them when they enter. How do I fix this?

Are you trying to get them side by side? If so use up screen right or left to do that.

The entering character will be always in front of everyone.
@CHAR enters from left to screen right AND CHAR moves to layer 1

Hey, so I want my character to run for a while and the background to be looping and idk how to do it. Can someone help me?

Use looping background and place your character on the screen
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is run_jog

I have
@transition fade in white
@CHAR enters from left to screen left AND CHAR is run_jog
And it isn’t working.

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left AND CHARACTER does it while run_jog THEN CHARACTER is run_jog

It isn’t working

What exactly is not working?

The background isn’t looping

Hmm… :thinking:
I just checked and it’s not looping for me either.
Some looping backgrounds are not working maybe that’s the one :thinking:

Oh, okay. Thanks anyway :heart:

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