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I would suggest you change the behavior and then place the rest of the text in the next Narrator bubble.

&CHAR is behavior

Text here

&CHAR is new behavior that you want to change

Rest of the text here


Alright. I’m trying it. Thank you soo much! :orange_heart:

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No Problem. If you have any more questions, I’m here. :grin:


I have a question, how do you add an overlay in the middle of a scene?
I want to add a bible that someone throws, but what coding thingy do I need for my script?


When you let someone customize a character and they put a name. How do u put the name on top of the speech bubble?


What’s your script name for a character?


It’s for the baby in the story, so it’s “baby”


input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(BABY)



Hi, [BABY] how are you?


Thanks so much!


how do you make a character turn it’s back without it needing to say something?


Can someone help me out?
I’m trying to get a character to drink something and I don’t know how to make it look like the cup is moving with the character’s hand as they drink. If that makes sense…


Use the rear animation


@CHARACTER is rear


Are you using a prop?


I’m using an uploaded overlay


That’s a hard one. You have to use commands shifts but I don’t think if you can like do it exactly when characters it’s moving their hand, but have a look and try.


how do you get a character to be in the view while the other character is entering?


You mean like already standing on the screen?

@CHARACTER1 stands screen right
@CHARACTER2 enters from left to screen center


yea awesome great thanks!