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A subscript is typically a letter(s) that is printed below (smaller than) the word it is next to. To make the word bigger, I would bold the word.

| bold |You two!

alright, thanks!

Does anyone know how to zoom in from the characters feet to their head?

Also whats the code for making a charcter on the moving to a different spot without exiting and entering?

You mean like spot directing?

no like @CHARACTER moves to screen center
that is not a valid thing


So are you wanting them to be automatically in a spot/position? To do that you could use:

@CHARACTER stands screen position
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 100

Can someone direct me (post a link) to the post that has a template to give the reader an option to skip a chapter? I have seen it but forgot to save it. Thank you.

When would you want to use shade or curtain transitions?


This one?

Thank you so much.


I’ve used the shade transition as a transition to another room in the same house or building. Curtain I’ve used to follow a character out of the scene.
Really you can use them in any context, this is just how I have used them.

Thank you for the explanation on this.

Hi, I was wondering about how many episodes would be a good for a part one. I know the guide says 3 episodes as the minimum but I know some go past that amount of episodes.

Hey, so I’m trying to use a filter putting @set hsl 0 0 38 in my script but it shows error

Does anyone know what I should do?? :heart:

I’m pretty sure people usually post either 3 or 5. But you can do as much as you want, it doesn’t really matter. :heart:

Hmm :thinking: did you tried to re write it? Because it seems ok to me or maybe error is somewhere else?

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Yeah I rewrote it but it doesn’t work, I think that maybe I have to put something like lightness or idk

Never mind, it worked

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