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Does anyone know where to get free backgrounds?

Many editors offer free edited episode backgrounds :slight_smile:

thank you!

&EXTRAF1 spot 0.761 362 188 AND EXTRAF1 moves to layer -1
&EXTRAM1 spot 0.783 367 188 AND EXTRAM1 moves to layer -2
@SYDNEY spot 0.800 107 170 AND SYDNEY faces right AND SYDNEY starts talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@DYLAN spot 0.846 191 164 AND DYLAN faces left AND DYLAN is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

&EXTRAM1 walks to spot 0.783 -59 189 in 2.1
&EXTRAF1 walks to spot 0.761 -81 189 in 2.6

thank you so much, it worked!

could you tell me what you changed and why soi could use this information for future reference? :):grinning:

She spotted the extra characters offscreen and then she walked them to another spot that was on screen. It’s important to do this because if you use the command:

@CHAR enters from right to spot _____

Then the character will come in at a default size which ends up looking weird.

I explain this on my Spot Walking guide.


ahhh, okay i got it. Thank you!

you can also do
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.242 300 0 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_scared

and of course you can replace walk_scared with any other action

Ok, thanks,

I have some backgrounds on my insta as well as overlays
other users on insta like larajane.writes, ep_backgrounds, alexa_episode and more have backgrounds in there linktree. A lot of them also have overlays. There’s also the website episodelife.com that has backgrounds as well as resources like script templates!

Can someone help me with this–

@speechbubble is 147 267 to 79% with tail_top_right

    ZANE (talk_sad)
Yes Father

@pause for 0.002

&ZANE walks to spot 0.855 -73 -16 in 5

&ALLEN faces left

@pause for 2

In this the character ZANE doesn’t walk to a specific spot that I specified to him instead he just disappears from the spot he was standing in
don’t know what I’m doing wrong…
Can somebody help??

Question been answered on the other thread :smiley:

Yes sorry!! I actually posted the same questions on two threads

thank you :slight_smile:

@Apes Can you help me? I don’t know what’s wrong here.

You have to write :

choice “No thanks.” {

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@littlenolwen Thanks.

You need a dialogue before the choice as well

@marisartori also, is that bracket before the choice belongs to another choice? :thinking:

@littlenolwen I’m still having a problem