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It’s reading “BOO” as a character. It does that with one worded dialogue that is all caps. Just change it to:



GRACIASSS OML I NEEDED THIS It helped allot <333

De nada

is there an animation where a CHAR is idle shrugging? omg im sorry im just kinda lazy fheughvs

Okay so im trying to make my characters walk to a specific spot direction from off the screen, but instead of entering left to the spot direction, they enter right to the spot direction. How do I fix it so they enter from the left and walk to the spot?

Place your character offscreen left and faces right :thinking:

More about Spot Walking HERE

I don’t think it is :thinking: and I’m lazy too and tired :tired_face::joy:

NO! lol ur right, I tried it and it worked haha thanks girl!!

Is there a full catalog of sounds/music (not in the scriptwriter) that I can listen to without having to scroll through a tiny box?

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Hi soo I’m still in the process of trying to get my stories where I want them but had a weird question… do you need to make all your outfits, characters, backgrounds and everything before actually starting the episode? I don’t like to go back and forth is one reason and two a buddy of mine said that you have a search box that allows you to use whichever outfit and background episode has to offer in the writers portal as you write but I’m either blind or I have no clue what I’m looking for lol if this doesn’t really clarify my / just let me know and ill further try to explain thanks a bunch!!


No, you do not need to make all of your characters and outfits in advance, but you can if you want to.

The tabs I believe your friend was referring you to are on the right hand side of the portal. If you click on the Outfits tab, it will show you a list of all the outfits you have created and can use.

If you click on the background tab, you will get a similar list. The background, overlay, and animation tabs also include a search bar so that you can type in what you are looking for.

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Unfortunately there is not. There is in the app the Episode Music Playlist made by Tess van K that has all or most of the musics available to listen to (it does not include the sound effects).

Ok thanks that should hopefully save me some time. Can u search for outfits that wasn’t made or do you have to make all the outfits for your choices and for ex if someone was to jump in shower and needs towel do I need to create those as well for each character or will it work on all characters after made?


You will need to make and name the outfits all yourself the first time, but after that you can use the same outfit on as many characters as you want. The outfit will work for all characters of the same gender.


ok thanks ill do that before I try to start anything else. thanks for the help its greatly appreciated

Can someone help, I’m trying to make a short video clip for Instagram but idk how.

There’s many apps in the store that you can try it out and make something (I personally don’t have any experience so I can’t suggest you anything)
I would suggest you to post this question in resources section. :wink:

Ok thanks

hi, i wanna start writing my own story. Right now i m learning how to write a story. My question is how i use overlays and backgrounds that are not the ones original from the game. I m sorry if it s a stupid question but i really wanna know how to use them

Here this will help you with overlays-

And for your own backgrounds you have to upload them into the web portal…
When you open your story you will see options at the top and one of the options would be “ART CATALOG” click over it . Then there will be backgrounds there will be a small box Saying-

Backgrounds: Available for ALL Stories

Click on it and then two options will appear click on the second one and then a page page will appear in which something like this

“Select Image”

Would be written click on it and you will be able to upload your own background…

I hope this helps you @carla_georgia