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I need help. I am using INT. HOSPITAL HALL - DAY and it is only showing the right side which is fine. I want one of my characters (x) to walk and have the background move to the middle (instead of the right) and have character (y) standing with hands on hips motion so that character x and character y meet in the middle… but this is a very advanced thing and I am only just starting out. There seems to be no tutorials on how to move the background like this so maybe it isn’t possible?

Edit: I am using INK Style

The background what you’re using has 4 zones

Commands for moving to the different parts of backgrounds:
@cut to zone #
@cut to zone 3
(scene will cut to zone 3)
@pan to zone #
@pan to the zone 2
(camera will slowly move to zone 2)

You can also follow character to the zone and screen position
@follow CHARACTER to screen position in zone #

@follow CHARACTER to screen right in zone 3

So you want your character X enter and met character Y in the middle of the background. (You have to place your character Y before the character X enter)
It would look like this:
(just an example)

@CHARACTER Y stands screen right in zone 2 AND CHARACTER Y faces left AND CHARACTER Y is shiftweight
@follow CHARACTER X to screen right in zone 2

How do you change the size of a character and put them at like back far left spot directing?

Here’s a guide on Spot Directing:

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Thank you! I appreciate your help… You’re very knowledgeable on this (I’m jealous lol).

I have ran into an error though.

@Izzie stands screen right in zone 2 AND Izzie faces left AND Izzie is shiftweight
@follow DR DAVIDSON to screen right in zone 2

So. Dr Davidson is already in the scene. I am guessing he is in zone 1, as I didn’t choose a zone.
My error message is this:
@Izzie stands screen right in zone 2 AND Izzie faces left AND Izzie is shiftweight” is not a valid command.

Am I missing @ symbols? Do I need to do something prior to make the script understand this command?
Previous script was a choice in which my character (Dr Thompson) exited the scene in both choices, it was a matter of if he was happy or not… So maybe the script isn’t working because I just had a choice? Do I need to make Dr Davidson do something before he moves?


In your script, do you have lizzie in all caps. If not, change it to all caps as character names when used for a command must be in all caps.

Do you have DR DAVIDSON starting at one spot and walking to another? I see that you are following him to a spot, but I can’t see what else is going on. To follow him to a spot, he will need to be walking.

If none of this was the problem, would you mind posting the section of your script that is giving the error?

OMG!! Izzie wasn’t capitalized!!! I am such a noob hahah!! Thank you!

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Thank you for the guides, they helped out a lot.


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Sorry, I’ve posted here a lot but some tutorials on youtube just aren’t covering everything.
Is it possible to make a character talk and on the same line have a character react?

CHIEF WASEEM (talk_angry_accuse) AND @IZZIE is cry_sniff_loop
It better not. Or else both of you will be out of jobs.

This is my script and it doesn’t recognize it. I would just drop @IZZIE is cry_sniff_loop down but it puts a pause and just has her crying for like a second with no dialogue and it’s kind of… awkward.


Is it possible to have a character react while another one is speaking on the same line? For example

CHIEF WASEEM (talk_angry_accuse) AND @IZZIE is cry_sniff_loop
It better not. Or else both of you will be out of jobs.

This is giving me an error.


You can have a character talk while another acts, but you can not have it on the same line as that. Put the non-talking character on the line prior to the talking character and use an &.

&IZZIE is cry_sniff_loop
CHIEF WASEEM (talk_angry_accuse)
It better not. Or else both of you will be out of jobs.

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Yes I was going thru the guides trying to come up with the best way to remember the directing commands and saw that there’s 3 different syntax directions on the first page. I’m using ink if that has anything to do with it…


I think you are talking about these when you are talking about syntax, correct?

So to start with, CLASSIC, INK, and LIMELIGHT (Figure 1) are all shown in Episode Original Syntax. The Episode Original Syntax is used when the characters are in Full Body Display (Figure 2). In this format you will see the characters full body. The SPOTLIGHT picture *(Figure 1) is Episode Spotlight Syntax. In this syntax, you will just see the upper half of the character’s body in a bubble (Figure 3).

The difference between Episode Original Syntax and Episode Spotlight Syntax is the way you use some of the commands and the number of different commands. Episode Spotlight Syntax in general has a lot less commands since you are just primarily working with the bubble and emotions instead of the entire character.

Universal Syntax is basically just things like the choices, remembering, flags, sounds, points system, and gains. These commands are the same for both SPOTLIGHT and ORIGINAL.

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 3

Oh ok I think I know what you mean thanks cause that was mind boggling lol. What’s flags etc with choices? Last question for now I promise lol.

Pretty much covers everything :wink:

How to create overlays in a zone?



@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y in 0 in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in 0
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

More about overlays:A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS