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Yes I was going thru the guides trying to come up with the best way to remember the directing commands and saw that there’s 3 different syntax directions on the first page. I’m using ink if that has anything to do with it…


I think you are talking about these when you are talking about syntax, correct?

So to start with, CLASSIC, INK, and LIMELIGHT (Figure 1) are all shown in Episode Original Syntax. The Episode Original Syntax is used when the characters are in Full Body Display (Figure 2). In this format you will see the characters full body. The SPOTLIGHT picture *(Figure 1) is Episode Spotlight Syntax. In this syntax, you will just see the upper half of the character’s body in a bubble (Figure 3).

The difference between Episode Original Syntax and Episode Spotlight Syntax is the way you use some of the commands and the number of different commands. Episode Spotlight Syntax in general has a lot less commands since you are just primarily working with the bubble and emotions instead of the entire character.

Universal Syntax is basically just things like the choices, remembering, flags, sounds, points system, and gains. These commands are the same for both SPOTLIGHT and ORIGINAL.

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 3

Oh ok I think I know what you mean thanks cause that was mind boggling lol. What’s flags etc with choices? Last question for now I promise lol.

Pretty much covers everything :wink:

How to create overlays in a zone?



@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y in 0 in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in 0
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

More about overlays:A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Awesome thank you very much for your help and tips :crossed_fingers: it’ll all come together soon enough lol it’s.easier on the mobile app but not as good so I’ma keep at.it thanks!!

Don’t forget to thank @Purple_Ghost as well :smiley: she helped you with most of the things while I was offline :slight_smile:

And you can write on mobile and then edit your script on the computer if that’s easier for you :wink:

Thanks! But, when I type “INT. INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN OL - DAY with TABLE SIMPLE with CAKE DINING SET with BLACK COFFEE with CREAM COFFEE in zone 2” The table is always at zone 1. What’s going on?

You need to place each one of the overlays in the zone

So if you want your overlays to be in zone 2:
INT. INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN OL - DAY with TABLE SIMPLE in zone 2 with CAKE DINING SET in zone 2 with BLACK COFFEE in zone 2 with CREAM COFFEE in zone 2

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I was going to but for some reason on my email it didn’t show her name was gonna give her a thanks as soon as I logged in on the computer :+1::+1: thanks @Purple_Ghost for all ur helps and tips!! Hopefully it will get me to stick with it lol


Ah! Thank you!

Lastly what I do have for some reason it won’t let me preview on computer is there a reason why or so u have to have so much. Sorry but one more lol I’m going to let them CC I have the template for that but I wanted to introduce them a little bit b4 i allow them to do that so how do I put an author shout out in there the only command I found was #imporantmessagefollows and it was from a friend of mine. If I consider also letting them pick there name out how? Lol that’s it for now I promise lol

You can’t see your story in the portal or your Web Preview is not working?

You can give a shoutout with the reader message (the bubble dropping from the top and stays on screen about 5 seconds)

readerMessage Shoutout goes to…

To give an option to pick a name:
input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(NAME)

Inside the ( ) put script name of your character so the chosen name appear everywhere (make sure the display name is the same)

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Not working in my story. :frowning:

What exactly is not working?

Hey @Apes What is the name of the animation when a man sweeps away something from himself. I hope u’ll understand

Is this for INK?

If yes try: talk_pound_chest

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@Apes Limelight