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ok that looks easier than what you do on mobile i want to start with simple choices and lead into stuff like go with him or stay here etc just have to figure out how to do 2 different decision branches right? each choice do you have to make separate branches for even simple? at least on mobile it does

“Go with him”{

#scene for this choice here

}“Stay here”{

#scene for this choice here


That’s the easiest way :slight_smile:

awesome thanks its harder on mobile so ill be on web with this::grin:

thank you . ill probably ask how too add pages later so i can grow as a story coder but im just learning so im gonna try the zoom thing

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Hello! Does anyone knows how to rotate an overlay?

Here’s a guide on animating overlays:

There’s a section on Rotating Overlays

amazing!! Thank you so much!

How do you do the arrow buttoms

Arrow buttons?


I don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

never mind I found how do it I ment this


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Oh. Well if you have any more questions on forum formatting, here’s a guide:

Do you know I can make my character walk in a scene fast. I’m trying to make her walk past really fast, that you see her walking from right to left (offset)

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@CHAR walks to ______ in S

S = seconds it takes for a character to walk from point A to point B

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Thank you :star_struck:

Also when you let the reader customize by sending them to the character avatar screen! Like the one below, and the reader customizes their avatar, how to make sure that there mom looks the same, like when they change her skin tone, the mom’s skin tone changes? I hope this question makes sense

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So if you write
@MOM becomes mc
Then your mom looks exactly like the mc
then after you do that you can change the features?

You could write:
@MOM becomes MC
@MOM changes hair to hairname
@MOM changes face to facename

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