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Okay cool, so like Daisy said, if the character doesn’t change outfits between episodes, the outfit choice should stick. But just in case you have to name your outfit choice you add in the following command:

choice (Outift) It can be whatever name you want
“Grey Suit” {
@YOUNG DERIC exits left
@YOUNG DERIC changes into Formal wear 1 M
@YOUNG DERIC enters from left to screen center

And then in the beginning of the next episode or if your character changes into another outfit and you want them to change back to the readers choice:

if (Outfit is “Grey Suit”) {

@DERIC changes into Formal wear 1 M

} elif (Outfit is “White Shirt and Vest”) {

@DERIC changes into Formal outfit 2 M

} else {

@DERIC changes into Formal wear 3 M


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Oh okay, that makes more since now. From the looks of it, I going to have to do that. Unless, the script editor will not show the choice when writing out a new episode.

how do you do overlays?

The thing when there’s narrator speaking and an action happening at same time.

You have to write it like this…

&CHARACTER is admire


You have to use & to make the action and speaking at the same time…

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Here’s a guide it might help you-

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Okay, I’ll try it.

thank you

No problem…

Still not working. My character pops up and then disappear. I use spotlight btw.

Its spotlight…
In this character are meant to pop and say the dialogue and then disappear…

Oh okay. Thanks.

I’m not so sure though…

I’m trying to understand how can I change a character name throughout the script? Can you help me? I copied the customisation template and it’s too long to change every name

Does anyone know how to do the things that authors use where you need to get a bunch of items and you can’t proceed until you get all of the items? (Like the Pheonix Prophecy)

Quick question how do I change a character outfit without making the reader do it for example I want to meet bff at a club or somewhere and I want her outfit to be different than the default sorry but I can’t stand to see them wearing the same things all the time lol. Is that possible or do I have to make it into a choice game for it to change

Hi, I’m very new to writing. I’m having trouble with a couple of things.

I can’t seem to get idle commands right, while two people are talking. Such as

JAMES (talk_excited) AND SARAH is (drink). When I do, it says this isn’t a valid directing command.

Also, after a choice option, how do you set it so the reader can select, Yes I want this or No, I want something else?

I’m reading through all of the guides, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thank you!

  1. For the first one, are you trying to make James speak and have Sarah do an action at the same time?
    If so, try:
    #beat starts
    @SARAH starts drink
    JAMES (talk_excited)
    Blah Blah Blah
    #beat ends

  2. And I’m not good with choices so someone else may have to help with that one :joy: :sweat_smile:

Hope this helped :blush:

So you’re allowing the reader to choose the character name and you want to use that name throughout the story?

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No, no need for a choice. Just make an outfit and then have the character change into it by using the command:

@CHAR changes into outfit_name