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@RudeInception Yes

Here’s the general basic choice command:

“Outfit1” {

@CHAR changes into outfit_name

} “Outfit2” {

@CHAR changes into outfit_name


Let me know if you still have questions.

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Thank you!

@RudeInception tysm

How do you give the readers a choice to like change the hair of the character?

General code:

“Hair1” {

@CHAR changes hair into Hair Name

} “Hair2” {

@CHAR changes hair into Hair_Name

} “Hair3” {

@CHAR changes hair into Hair_Name


You can add as many as options as you want. Change the name of the choice to whatever you want.

If you’re looking for an overall character customization, here’s a link:

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Thank you. I might of already seen this somewhere but I forgot, so how do you make hair choices? Like where do you go and how do you make them?

I provided you with a general code that you can add on to.
If you click on the link, there are other links that give you a template for character customization, that includes hair.

How do you transition between backgrounds smoothly using the fade ins/ outs?



@CHAR stands screen center
(You can add a whole scene here or just include the background, whatever)


@CHAR stands screen center

@transition fade in black 2

So basically you add the transition after the new background and scene have already been set up.


Thank you!

Is there a way to put in a choice where it sends the story back to the very beginning? I’m not talking about the replay button.


You could put a label at the very beginning of your chapter, then have a choice at the end that use a goto to return to the beginning of the chapter.

label chapter1_start
#All of your chapter here.
Would you like to re-read this chapter?
“Yes, I would like to read again”{
goto chapter1_start
}“No, bring me to the end”{

Thank you!

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Hi I’m trying to see if anyone could help me. So I placed an overlay that I created in zone 3 of my story on Google chrome and when I read the story on my phone I get this message

And I’m not quite sure what it means.

Let me see your overlay code

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@overlay 5801461600747520_INT.PUNCHING BAG 1 shifts to -73 255 in zone 3

@overlay 5801461600747520_INT.PUNCHING BAG 1 scales to 1.000 1.000

@overlay INT.PUNCHING BAG to layer 2

It’s still giving me the same issue. It looks perfectly fine when I test it online, but when I test it on the app it’s still messed up. For example, i’m trying to direct an overlay offscreen and then have it move to the middle of the screen right at the beginning of a new scene, however the overlay shows up in its default position for a split second, and then moves offscreen. Here’s my script:

&overlay WRITING HAND shifts to -251 -901 in 0
&overlay WRITING HAND scales to 2.003 2.003
@overlay WRITING HAND shifts to -275 -429 in 2

This is happening to most of my scenes with overlays and I tried switching up where I place the “&” command but nothing works.

Right above that add in:

@overlay 5801461600747520_INT.PUNCHING BAG 1 create

Ok thank you, i’m going to try it right now