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You forgot to add the label at the top:

Ok, I’ll try and change. Guys you’re amazing.

Struggling… :woman_facepalming:

So when it says “insert script here” you have to add some dialogue

Is this what I want to wear?

Hai, I’m back again! I was wondering if you had any good links to a spot directing explanation and how-to forum page? Because I just don’t really understand it.


Here is one by @RudeInception.
Click here for spot directing guide.

Thank you!

What’s the difference between the sound and music command?

The sound command will play the sound only once and the music command plays the sound on a loop

Thanks so much! :smile:

How can we highlight words in speech bubbles?

It’s a text effect called highlight. You’ll find it in the Text Effect section:

What is the “enable picker” on the previewer do?? Has anyone used it and does it make directing easier?

I’ve answered this in a previous post:

This might have been asked already but this thread is so huge…

I just published my first story and when testing the story I’ve noticed a few weird things.

  1. My MC starts out the episode with the hairstyle I last gave her when testing episode 3 before publishing. I’m not sure if only I can see it or if readers will too, but when I check my code in episode 1, it’s correct.

  2. About 500 lines into the first episode, some of my characters just become invisible for no reason. Again, all looks OK in the web previewer. I tried resetting story progress, and exiting the app but it still happens.

Any thoughts on this?

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  1. Reset your story progress and whatever haircut appears after resetting will be what the readers see.

  2. This is most likely a glitch. I would submit a ticket to admin.

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How do we use it?


Here is a little text effect explanation from @RudeInception.

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when you add choices do you write for example with outfits write
“outfit name”{
one at a time or do you write
and then all of the outfits you want the reader to choose from?
btw: i want my character to try on the outfit have the reader decide if thats the one they want and if not i want the character to exit and then come back and choose a different one.
ps. sorry that was a long question.

Hey, just wondering how to apply filters? Like the command?